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Brian's latest posting

Nov 24, 2002 09:42 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

Dear Brian, 

You write:

"University of Vienna that is obviously where my sever is as you 
pointed out by yourself.msome people have as server yahoo yet might 
live in africa or in Asia not the US were the yahoo server is, you 
know that verry well as you reun more then one website yourself. Do 
you live in the actual place where your server is ??? Millions of 
people worldwide don't !"

So Brian are you telling us that I too could get a website on the 
SAME server as your website is located? Are you telling us that you 
don't have to be affiliated with the University of Vienna to have a 
website on that server? 


Gee, I could put up a mirror site of Blavatsky Archives. That way 
our friend from Germany couldn't say the University of Vienna is anti-
Blavatsky, etc. :)

If I got such a site, are you telling me that I could even start 
signing my emails:

Daniel Caldwell (University of Vienna)

Maybe Eldon Tucker could put up a Theosophy website on the same 
server that your website is on. John DeSantis could put up a mirror 
site of his, also. And ....

Brian, can you tell me who I should contact to request a website on 
the same server [University of Vienna server?] that you are on? Also 
how much do they charge to host and maintain a site like yours? 

Brian, you also write:

"In any case this is well known yet you kept insisting I am a female 
in spite of the fact the I am not Brigitte Muehlegger. So I must 
considdder you a very very strange queer if nor worse then that."

Oh, my! what a statement! :)

But I came to my conclusion based in part because of what Bill 
Meredith had stated. Bill doesn't have an ax to grind, does he? 

And Brian, why blame me? According to what Bill wrote, you should 
blame Brigitte! Remember Bill wrote:

". . . she [Brigitte] acknowledged this [that Brian and Brigitte are 
the same soul] several months ago on another list 

I hope you wouldn't call her such names!

Brian, you also write:

"Do place the records of the courtprocedure where people of youir 
above misjudgement caliber where defending the molestating behaviour 
of Charles Leadbeater in court. Place the proceedings on line if you 
are honest and qwe can all discuss them."

Well, since I won't be around much longer for some time, I suggest 
that you put the records online. Please do that. 

And where did you get the idea that I would defend Charles 

One of my favorite books is Gregory Tillett's biography of 
Leadbeater. "THE ELDER BROTHER: A Biography Of Charles Webster 
Leadbeater" can be purchased from Point Loma Publications. See:

I would urge every subscriber on Theos-Talk to purchase a copy of 
Tillett's biography of Leadbeater and carefully read and study it.

One final thought.

Brian, from what you've written in your latest email, I take it that 
you didn't really mean what you wrote some time back:

". . . never mind on-line you can call me anything you want, John or 
Max, or Brenda or Fritz or Joanne, whatever."


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