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Re: Theos-World RE: SUICIDE -- IS IT DANGEROUS ? -- tricky situation for a theosophist

Nov 27, 2002 05:54 AM
by ramadoss

Dear Dallas: Thanks for the post of HPB's article on the subject. From what 
I have heard, it appears that those who are suicidal tend to be single 
minded and it is very difficult to change their thinking. However, if we 
are put in a position to be of help, I think each one of us have the 
responsibility to do what we can to dissuade the person from going ahead 
and committing suicide.


At 02:39 AM 11/27/02 -0800, wrote:

>Dear MKR
> Re: Suicide Is it Dangerous ?
>I think you are right. But thinking over our potentials is important.
>We can't do that if we are "dead." So long as we remain alive we can
>help others if we desire to do that.


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