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Re: Theos-World Leon on Dzyan and Senzar...

Nov 27, 2002 08:18 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi Leon and all of you,

Thanks Leon !
The below letter of yours Leon, - is considered by me, to be among the most
important I have ever received here at Theos-talk.
But being ignorant, I am probably wrong.

There are a lot of info in it to me, and I have a strong feeling of it as
being of greater importance.
Especially the stories about the Lamas made a great impression on me.

Leon wrote in the below:
"He also confirmed that the SD version of the Book
> of Dzyan, was, except for a few blinds, a fairly accurate translation of
> original. "
My Sufilight answer:
This is exactly a similar inner experience I have had about the book of
Dyzan by Blavatsky !
And the errors are in fact minor in a very rather unexplainable manner - due
to karmic patterns and
vibrations and the like. True ?!

Well... Leon I will for sure, do my best to be much more, all ears and eyes
on your teachings in the future.
Your email sparks a number of questions:
But the language used in the volumes of Kiu-Ti, which was or is that, more
precisely; ? (Anyone else on this ?)
How are the letters made ? Do they have different colours, different size,
is red not always quite that red etc... ?
Do you know that, or maybe where the info can be received on that ?

3. Yes. There is something there - about - the Panchen Lama (through
time)...But what ?
Maybe Politics versus non-violence...hmm...eeehmm...

4. Well, - I think I have shaken your hand before in a previous live. But
Or maybe it is because I can feel - sort of - your - "cosmic" vibrations
here in Denmark.

5. Sylvia Cranstons book is allright. But has a tendency to be non-critical.
Benthov's book I have looked in to. Rupert Sheldrakes as well.
I like the ancient Upanishads much more, and as they are very close to be
identical with Theosophy as such,
I feel allright with them.

6. I have lately been more and more concerned with the search for any
parallels between HPB's book The Secret Doctrine, Dyzan, Kiu-Ti -
and -
the Buddhist teachings - especially Tibetan tachings. So any inspiring or
inspired info are welcome...

7. The "red circle" or nose is at :
I hope 'it' won't get cold....

8. Maybe it would be a good idea to have
a nervous breakdown like your friend the Monk - Dr. P....
(Well, I guess this was a joke...>:-)...)

Feel free to do your best...
Feel free to participate in to the knowledge and wisdom of Kiu-Ti...doing
your best...

M. Sufilight with peace as a priority...

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> Hi M. Sufilight and all of us.
> In a message dated 11/22/02 1:58:54 PM,
> >Hi Leon and all of you,
> >
> >Allright Leon, that was interesting.
> Glad you could appreciate it.
> >I got inspired.
> >And like an Arjuna in The Bhagavad Gita with his hair standing on his
> >and with tremling voice I dare say:
> >Maybe this will help a little: I kept seeing Tsong Kha Pa before my eyes
> >with the Upanishads in his hands - while he was rotating in a strange
> >looking Tibetan "coffin". I don't know if that tells you anything ? >:-)
> >
> >Tibetan Diamonds..!
> The center of the golden Dorge carried by the Panchen Lama (Which I have
> in my hand) has a real 8 sided diamond inside it about the size of your
> thumb. (I'm just guessing since we've never shaken hands, :-)
> Look up in the SD where HPB talks of the "Diamond Heart" and explains its
> nature (as the root of all esoteric symbolism) to the "intuitive student."
> Hint #1: picture it in your mind, rotate, and view it transparently from
all a
> ngles. Then go inside, link up all the "points" to each other with
> lines (that each have a point at their center) build the walls between all
> the triangles, and count the "Houses" of God, as well as the "rooms" of
> the Chohans -- along with all the other secret (sacred) numbers. Also,
> you're flying around looking in at different angles, "see" all the glyphs
> symbols used by every religious order and occult society since the
> of time. Hint #2: Then, imagine all the walls and lines as being
> flexible, blow up all the rooms, houses, and the entire diamond into
> transparent spheres, and "see" the universal field, and all its coadunate
> inner fields in multidimensional juxtaposition. Hint #3: Visualize the
> "bubbles" with all their interconnected circumferences capable of being
> vibrated like bells, and "see" how the universe transmits and stores its
> interference patterns of holographic information or "knowledge." When you
> can do all that properly, you will find the "philosophers stone," and
> understand the meaning of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. This
> "meditative visualization, by the way, is just one of the many ways to get
> underway on the "way" to enlightenment. ;-) Patanjali and Lao Tse would
> it.
> It would also help in such visualizing to first read the books, "Stalking
> Wild Pendulum" by Itzhak Bentov, and "A New Science of Life" by Rupert
> Sheldrake -- in that order.
> Here's a Haiku for you...
> Real science, poetry,
> Theosophy and art,
> Are not so very
> Far apart.
> >I liked the Pie though... eehmm the PI.
> >I still wonder what the "red circle" has to do with Tao ! Maybe it is
> >getting cold outside...
> >Yes even a galaxy has Karma...Weird ?
> I could respond to this better if I knew which "red circle" you were
> about. However, if its the one at the bottom of the chakrafield diagram --
> symbolizes the containment field of the kundalini energy, or possibly, the
> hidden "dark Matter" spoken about by the cosmologists in order to make
> of their theories of gravitation, the big bang, and the
> of the universe. As for its reference to the "Tao," its just another
> starting point along the "way". </:-)>
> I think everything in the Universe has "Karma" of one sort of another --
> depending on how you interpret that Sanskrit word -- which has many subtle
> meanings (depending on its Svarga).
> All real truths about the nature of the Universe have to appear "weird"
> only one of our "inside-out" or "outside-in" points of view. It takes two
> tango.
> >Leon writes at
> >
> >"By the way, the basic story behind ABC was written in the "Book of
> >(in the ancient "Senzar" hieroglyphic language) recorded on preserved
> >leaves about 8 to 25,000 years ago (so it is said). Besides one
> >into English, with commentaries (The Secret Doctrine, H. P. Blavatsky,
> >Theosophy Company, 1888), the original book, so I am told, is now in the
> >hidden vault archives of a Tibetan monastery high in the Himalayas.
> >Fortunately, I was able to find a teacher who could explain its esoteric
> >"formulas" to me in modern scientific terms. It makes much sense. "
> >
> >Who was this teacher Leon ?
> >Is that a secret ?
> No secret. He was an American physicist (Dr. PSP) who worked on the
> Bomb in 1944-45. (Incidentally, he was the nephew of Gurdjieff, if that
> us anything about him.) Since his "trigger mechanism" was used on the
> Hiroshima bomb, Dr, P had a nervous breakdown... And, to make amends, he
> became a Trappist Monk and did penance in silence in their monastery for
> three years after the war. Then, following in the footsteps of Dr, Richard
> Alpert (who went to Asia to study Tibetan psychology and came back as Baba
> Ram Dass) Dr. P. went to Nepal and spent several years in a Nyingmapa
> Monastery to learn the secrets of Buddhist science and their so called
> "higher magic." In fair exchange for his knowledge of Nuclear physics, he
> was given the highest Vajrayana Tantra, Yantra, Mantra, etc., initiations,
> what he called, "their fast track methods" (dangerous stuff that he
> to me in confidence, so I cannot speak about it publicly) and was ordained
> a Lama. After that, he came back to America as the nurse of an aged High
> Abbot who required medical care in New York City (in order to fulfill his
> vows of compassionate service and, as penance for his part in harming so
> people, to chant 1 million Om Magne Padme Hums to heal all the other
> Americans :-).
> After the Abbot died, Dr. P -- who inherited his sacred books and other
> Tantra effects (as guardian, before sending them back to the Abbot's
> Monastery in Nepal) -- read to me his translations of passages from the
> Abbot's Book of the Golden Precepts (Kiu-Ti) while I read to him out of
> SD the Fundamental Principles of the Proen, and the Book of Dzyan. He
> compared the two books, and interpreted the formulas in the Book of Dzyan
> me in terms of the most advanced quantum-relativity and superstring
> (which he had brought me up to date on during a series of private
> that lasted several years). He also confirmed that the SD version of the
> of Dzyan, was, except for a few blinds, a fairly accurate translation of
> original. Out of this came the coenergetic field theory of ABC.
> Unfortunately, Doc P---- (as I called him) died before he was able to
> formulating the mathematics that he said might prove the theory. And,
> doubly unfortunate, from a scientific point of view, since he told me that
> his "stressor calculus" went one step beyond Einstein's tensor analysis
> Feynman's QED energy diagrams. However, it also could be a fortuitous
> for all of us, since he also told me that his equations could very well
> to what he called a "creation bomb" triggered by psychic energy. But,
> it also could give us the free crystal energy of "Vril" that the
> used. So, who's to know the mysterious workings of karma? BTW, much of
> "science" in Sylvia Cranston's biography of HPB came from Doc P----, and
> edited by me.
> Best wishes,
> >from
> >M. Sufilight
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