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Re: Theos-World Leon on Dzyan and Senzar...

Nov 27, 2002 00:47 AM
by leonmaurer

Hi M. Sufilight and all of us.

In a message dated 11/22/02 1:58:54 PM, writes:

>Hi Leon and all of you,
>Allright Leon, that was interesting.

Glad you could appreciate it. 

>I got inspired.
>And like an Arjuna in The Bhagavad Gita with his hair standing on his head,
>and with tremling voice I dare say:
>Maybe this will help a little: I kept seeing Tsong Kha Pa before my eyes
>with the Upanishads in his hands - while he was rotating in a strange
>looking Tibetan "coffin". I don't know if that tells you anything ? >:-)
>Tibetan Diamonds..!

The center of the golden Dorge carried by the Panchen Lama (Which I have held 
in my hand) has a real 8 sided diamond inside it about the size of your 
thumb. (I'm just guessing since we've never shaken hands, :-)

Look up in the SD where HPB talks of the "Diamond Heart" and explains its 
nature (as the root of all esoteric symbolism) to the "intuitive student." 
Hint #1: picture it in your mind, rotate, and view it transparently from all a
ngles. Then go inside, link up all the "points" to each other with straight 
lines (that each have a point at their center) build the walls between all 
the triangles, and count the "Houses" of God, as well as the "rooms" of all 
the Chohans -- along with all the other secret (sacred) numbers. Also, while 
you're flying around looking in at different angles, "see" all the glyphs and 
symbols used by every religious order and occult society since the beginning 
of time. Hint #2: Then, imagine all the walls and lines as being infinitely 
flexible, blow up all the rooms, houses, and the entire diamond into 
transparent spheres, and "see" the universal field, and all its coadunate 
inner fields in multidimensional juxtaposition. Hint #3: Visualize the 
"bubbles" with all their interconnected circumferences capable of being 
vibrated like bells, and "see" how the universe transmits and stores its wave 
interference patterns of holographic information or "knowledge." When you 
can do all that properly, you will find the "philosophers stone," and 
understand the meaning of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. This 
"meditative visualization, by the way, is just one of the many ways to get 
underway on the "way" to enlightenment. ;-) Patanjali and Lao Tse would love 

It would also help in such visualizing to first read the books, "Stalking the 
Wild Pendulum" by Itzhak Bentov, and "A New Science of Life" by Rupert 
Sheldrake -- in that order. 

Here's a Haiku for you...

Real science, poetry, 
Theosophy and art, 
Are not so very 
Far apart.

>I liked the Pie though... eehmm the PI.
>I still wonder what the "red circle" has to do with Tao ! Maybe it is
>getting cold outside...
>Yes even a galaxy has Karma...Weird ?

I could respond to this better if I knew which "red circle" you were talking 
about. However, if its the one at the bottom of the chakrafield diagram -- it 
symbolizes the containment field of the kundalini energy, or possibly, the 
hidden "dark Matter" spoken about by the cosmologists in order to make sense 
of their theories of gravitation, the big bang, and the expansion=contraction 
of the universe. As for its reference to the "Tao," its just another 
starting point along the "way". </:-)> 

I think everything in the Universe has "Karma" of one sort of another -- 
depending on how you interpret that Sanskrit word -- which has many subtle 
meanings (depending on its Svarga).

All real truths about the nature of the Universe have to appear "weird" from 
only one of our "inside-out" or "outside-in" points of view. It takes two to 

>Leon writes at
>"By the way, the basic story behind ABC was written in the "Book of Dzyan"
>(in the ancient "Senzar" hieroglyphic language) recorded on preserved palm
>leaves about 8 to 25,000 years ago (so it is said). Besides one translation
>into English, with commentaries (The Secret Doctrine, H. P. Blavatsky, The
>Theosophy Company, 1888), the original book, so I am told, is now in the
>hidden vault archives of a Tibetan monastery high in the Himalayas.
>Fortunately, I was able to find a teacher who could explain its esoteric
>"formulas" to me in modern scientific terms. It makes much sense. "
>Who was this teacher Leon ?
>Is that a secret ?

No secret. He was an American physicist (Dr. PSP) who worked on the Atomic 
Bomb in 1944-45. (Incidentally, he was the nephew of Gurdjieff, if that tells 
us anything about him.) Since his "trigger mechanism" was used on the 
Hiroshima bomb, Dr, P had a nervous breakdown... And, to make amends, he 
became a Trappist Monk and did penance in silence in their monastery for 
three years after the war. Then, following in the footsteps of Dr, Richard 
Alpert (who went to Asia to study Tibetan psychology and came back as Baba 
Ram Dass) Dr. P. went to Nepal and spent several years in a Nyingmapa 
Monastery to learn the secrets of Buddhist science and their so called 
"higher magic." In fair exchange for his knowledge of Nuclear physics, he 
was given the highest Vajrayana Tantra, Yantra, Mantra, etc., initiations, by 
what he called, "their fast track methods" (dangerous stuff that he revealed 
to me in confidence, so I cannot speak about it publicly) and was ordained as 
a Lama. After that, he came back to America as the nurse of an aged High Lama 
Abbot who required medical care in New York City (in order to fulfill his 
vows of compassionate service and, as penance for his part in harming so many 
people, to chant 1 million Om Magne Padme Hums to heal all the other "guilty" 
Americans :-). 

After the Abbot died, Dr. P -- who inherited his sacred books and other 
Tantra effects (as guardian, before sending them back to the Abbot's 
Monastery in Nepal) -- read to me his translations of passages from the 
Abbot's Book of the Golden Precepts (Kiu-Ti) while I read to him out of the 
SD the Fundamental Principles of the Proen, and the Book of Dzyan. He 
compared the two books, and interpreted the formulas in the Book of Dzyan to 
me in terms of the most advanced quantum-relativity and superstring physics 
(which he had brought me up to date on during a series of private discussions 
that lasted several years). He also confirmed that the SD version of the Book 
of Dzyan, was, except for a few blinds, a fairly accurate translation of the 
original. Out of this came the coenergetic field theory of ABC. 

Unfortunately, Doc P---- (as I called him) died before he was able to finish 
formulating the mathematics that he said might prove the theory. And, that's 
doubly unfortunate, from a scientific point of view, since he told me that 
his "stressor calculus" went one step beyond Einstein's tensor analysis and 
Feynman's QED energy diagrams. However, it also could be a fortuitous karma 
for all of us, since he also told me that his equations could very well lead 
to what he called a "creation bomb" triggered by psychic energy. But, then, 
it also could give us the free crystal energy of "Vril" that the Atlantians 
used. So, who's to know the mysterious workings of karma? BTW, much of the 
"science" in Sylvia Cranston's biography of HPB came from Doc P----, and 
edited by me. 

Best wishes,


>M. Sufilight

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