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RE: "RACE," and 'ARYAN" Let Us Not Forget

Nov 25, 2002 04:38 AM
by dalval14

Nov 25 2002

Dear Friends

Both the words "race" and "aryan" had special meanings in 1875 /1899
which do not relate to later history including the period when the
political party of the Nazis in Germany and elsewhere, appropriations
of both these terms in the 1930s / 1940s and later, up to our modern

The word "Aryan" is from old central Asia and means "noble." The
ancient Persians were denoted "Iranis" -- and the designation has been
revived -- " or "Aryans."

If one goes to the INDEX of The SECRET DOCTRINE (1888) one will find
adequate references that determine what was meant by H P B when she
used those terms.

"Race" was used as a measure of TIME, and the development of certain
capacities, to which the whole of humanity was subject during the time
when it went through seven changes during the period of a "GLOBE." A
"GLOBE' is one seventh of a "ROUND." "Race," as then used by H P B,
had nothing to do with the color of the skin.


[Complexion and its changes are dealt with in the S D on pages: Vol.
II, 178, 227, 249-50, 282.]
[Differences between Races are defined in S D Vol. I xliv; ; II,
103, 249-50, 607 ]
[Origins were polygenetic S D I xxxv; 241, 574 ; II 139, 168,
191fn, 249, 748 ]
[The dying out of races is explained: S D Vol. II 192, 195-6,
443-5, 437, 609, 779-80 ]
[ The earliest races were boneless, ethereal, androgynous, astral, S
D II 46, 96, 108, 115-7, 131, 134, 149, 151, 160, 174, 191-2, 194,
294, 583, 635, 704, ]
[ They were born from the "gods" S D I 323; II 86-7, 164, 198,
507, 538 ]
[The effect of isolation on races: S D II 425 ]
[Hybrid "races" S D II 275, 714, 444 (new race springs from
hybrids) ]
["Inferior" races : S D II 162, 249, 425 (a fallacy), 721, ]
[Three great "races" only remain: S D II 471fn, 780 ]
[Our "race" has reached the 5th sub-race S D II 471fn ]
[Savage besides civilized in all ages S D II 716 ]

Nowadays we refer to complexion when we mention race, and to physical
heredity, also to some of the vicissitudes that our ancestors have
been forced to undergo until a more reasonable sense of human balance
and equality


[Heredity-- Its causes S D I 223, II 421, ]
[Biogenetic Law	S D II 659, ]
[Acquired characteristics: S D I 219, 223fn; II 711fn ]
[Transmission of atoms: S D II 671-2
[Karma and S D II 178, ]


[Anthropoids: S D II 688fn,	]
[Unnatural, accidental creation: S D II 261, ]
[Origin:	S D I 185fn, II 184, 195, 200-1, 262, 286-8, 375, 679,
688-9 ]
[Descended from man	S D II 185, 187, 287-8, 676, 682, 688fn, ]
["Common ancestor ?"	S D II 646 ]
[Some will become "human" in this Round: S D I 184, II
61-3 ]
[3rd ROUND ape-man: S D II 730	]
[Will die out in our race S D I 184 ]

ARYAN ( Irani - Persian - Noble )

[Ancestors (of Egyptians S D II 328, 746 ); (Arabs are later S D
II 200}
[Born in the north S D II 426, 768 ]
[Atlanteans preceded and taught: S D II 144, 266fn, 352, 384,395,
426, 495, 768, 776, ]
[Aryan Adepts fought Atlantean sorcerers S D II 225, 384, 495,	]
[5th race ( S D II 8, 10) is incorrectly called "Aryan" S D II
433-4 ]
[Hindu, 1st sub-race of Aryans, almost 1 million years old S D II
436fn, 449-451, 470-1, 609, ]
[Negroes, Mongols are of the Aryans S D II 607fn ]
[Europeans are later "aryans" S D I 425 ]
[Many colors S D II 249-50, 394, 426, 607fn ]
[2nd Sub-race built menhirs, etc...S D II 750
[Present Kali-Yuga is of the Aryans S D I 644-5; II 147fn ]

These are a few of the many references to pre-history given in The

Best wishes,



-----Original Message-----
From: Daniel H. Caldwell
Sent: Sunday, November 24, 2002 11:06 AM
Subject: Let Us Not Forget

Even though Brian has been removed from Theos-Talk [that is my
understanding from Eldon's recent email], we should not forget that
Brian did bring to our forum some important issues that Blavatsky and
Theosophical students should ponder on.

For example, the "race" issue and the use of the word "aryan" as
given in the various quotes from the Mahatma Letters and in the
Secret Doctrine need to be studied, discussed and understood.

And I assume it was because of Brian that Goswami came to Theos-
Talk. That is good, because Goswami brings up underlying issues that
need to studied, discussed and understood by Theosophists.


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