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RE: [bn-study] Re: Sub-races of our Fifth Root Race

Nov 25, 2002 04:38 AM
by dalval14

Dear Friends and Larry:

I am puzzled. Do help.

Where do you find it that "chosen Dhyanis at one time failed." Were
they "Dhyanis" then ? Or were they like us POTENTIAL DHYANIS?

If the 7-principled Dhyanis US, then why do we do so badly ? I think
we need to wake up and try to discover truths and laws so we can live
more harmonious lives (with all Nature and her many types and kinds of
beings) and do real good.

By definition a DHYANI is wise and if wise IT knows the LAW -- so
where are the errors? have you a S D reference ?

There are THREE lines of evolution: ( S D I 181-2 ) they have to
be melded by the active effort of the MIND.

The, they have to volunteer their knowledge and power to help Nature
go further. This is the gap between self-consciousness and UNIVERSAL

[Have a look at the references I send you concerning this, separately,
please ]

Best wishes,


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From: Larry F Kolts []
Sent: Sunday, November 24, 2002 7:42 AM
Subject: [bn-study] Re: Sub-races of our Fifth Root Race

Thanks Louis! This is the type of thoughtful discussion I always hope
will be generated.
Doesn't always happen, but when it does, it is well worth it. I hope
other students will ponder your statements and join in.

One further set of questions:

We know that we are dealing with two basic things here, a physical
which has been evolving for some time and continue to be perfected. as
this happens, all these higher spiritual functions we have addressed
the past can be realized. Then there are the monads that will occupy
those forms. So when we speak of the coming race or sub-race, which do
mean or do we include both? Could it be that the forms will indeed
generate in the Americas, but that which monads will be qualifies to
occupy those forms is an open question?

We know that even chosen Dhyanis at one time failed by choice to
incarnate into the forms chosen for them at that time because they did
not want to be restricted by those forms--and thus set themselves up
future less than desirable incarnations. This is a whole new meaning
the old phrase "many are called but few are chosen."

So while new evolved forms may yet result from our present gene
structure, it does not follow that we as individuals must of necessity
the monads that will occupy those forms.

But let's see what others think also and are able to find any further
definitive statements on the matter.


On Sun, 24 Nov 2002 07:05:36 EST writes:
> Interesting quote Larry,
> HPB's use of the phrase "PRO TEM" (for the time being), leaves some
> interesting questions unanswered. Even though she goes on to make
> certain
> comments about becoming "a strongly separated race apart," one is
> left to
> wonder about a certain indefinite quality of her "pro tem" comment.
> Are there
> possibilities that Americans could fail to actualize their "sixth
> sub race"
> potential, due to poor or inappropriate choices during the upcoming
> few
> centuries? Seems to me, we could be at such a crossroads of proper
> choices,
> right now.
> There seems to be two opposing concepts at work in this quote. If we
> understand HPB to be mostly correct in her commentaries, then some
> of her
> remarks take on prophetic qualities, such as this one. On the other
> hand, if
> an individual or a nation's manifest destiny is governed by the
> choices made,
> and the KARMIC consequences of such choices, then it would seem,
> that NOTHING
> is carved in stone, which reduces all prophetic statements to a
> lucky or
> unlucky guess.
> That said, I do subscribe to the idea of root races and their
> evolution, as a
> natural flow of the human life wave. My concerns, are about when
> specific
> groups, are named. History tells us that there have already been
> many
> civilization and societies that have risen and then collapsed. Could
> those
> collapses have been caused by exercising choices, that lead to a
> actualizing a societies potential?
> Louis

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