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Theos-World Re: God as "A Being" versus God as "No-being"

Nov 25, 2002 06:28 AM
by Steve Stubbs

--- In theos-talk@y..., samblo@c... wrote:
> As to becoming dependent of the Church Fathers, I do shy from that 
> I recall
> reading one that said "We create these lies for the good of 
the many",

That's probably true, but they were initiated into th esoteric 
teaching and let it out in bits and bobs throughout their writings. 
I had to read through a mountain of preposterous drivel to get the 
axattered nuggets of esoteric teaching, but it was well worth it. 
The exoteric system sucks, but the esoteric system really is 
sublime. Also, I liked Mead's books, but if he assembled the 
esoteric system he never wrote about it, nor has anyone else to my 
knowledge. It still remains secret after 2000 years. What is 
interesting about Paul is what is hidden in there, not what is stated 
openly. He wrote about nantra neditation, astral projecion, Merkabah 
mysticism, and all sorts of other things, and saying nothing too 
plainly. One thing you will not see in the English translations is 
that all the terminology if the gnostics is in his letters. He 
writes about archons, Aeons, pleroma, etc. The English translations 
were done so as to conceal that fact, so you have to go back to the 
original Greek.

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