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Re: Theos-World Re: God as "A Being" versus God as "No-being"

Nov 24, 2002 10:59 PM
by samblo

Thanks for your comments. I believe you meant Hippolytus. Yes, I have 
both and
others in the Anti-Nicene Christian Library, I have the 1868 Edition, 
I respect your view of Irenaeus, however for me G R S Mead's works 
more to myself as a novice due to his heavy footing notes and 
definitions replete in
all his works.
Valentinus I fell in Love with when I first read of the Aeon System 
and the
"Marriages Made in Heaven" examples by the Syzygy's, I thought it both 
and unique, as uplifting spiritually having a higher tone throughout.

As to becoming dependent of the Church Fathers, I do shy from that as 
I recall
reading one that said "We create these lies for the good of the many", 
they had their
politics and senior goal as evidenced even in todays time.

Saul who is Transmorgified into Paul due to his Illumination on the 
road to Tarsus
"And Behold I saw a Great Light", had much worthy to say and to 
hear,he spoke
of our "Striving" in Christ, a literal truth from my view. His view 
of agape' aligns to
the Declarative emphatic directive of Romans 12:2--Be Ye Transformed- 
that by the
Renewing of thy mind--ye may know what is that Good and Perfect Wiil 
of God. To
me this sings Patanjali loudly.

The difference the Nag Hammadhi extends to us today for one thing is 
that in this
compilation of the treatises discovered are works which no -one had 
possesion of 
such as the Sethian works, and they reflect what was read and spoken to 
long ago rather than a commentary second hand, possible by some one 
complex motives. Each can read and plumm their depths themselves, 
"other- determination is the least most favorable condition of the Being.

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