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Re: Theos-World Leon on Dzyan and Senzar...

Nov 22, 2002 09:46 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi Leon and all of you,

Allright Leon, that was interesting.

I got inspired.
And like an Arjuna in The Bhagavad Gita with his hair standing on his head,
and with tremling voice I dare say:
Maybe this will help a little: I kept seeing Tsong Kha Pa before my eyes
with the Upanishads in his hands - while he was rotating in a strange
looking Tibetan "coffin". I don't know if that tells you anything ? >:-)

Tibetan Diamonds..!

I liked the Pie though... eehmm the PI.
I still wonder what the "red circle" has to do with Tao ! Maybe it is
getting cold outside...
Yes even a galaxy has Karma...Weird ?

Leon writes at
"By the way, the basic story behind ABC was written in the "Book of Dzyan"
(in the ancient "Senzar" hieroglyphic language) recorded on preserved palm
leaves about 8 to 25,000 years ago (so it is said). Besides one translation
into English, with commentaries (The Secret Doctrine, H. P. Blavatsky, The
Theosophy Company, 1888), the original book, so I am told, is now in the
hidden vault archives of a Tibetan monastery high in the Himalayas.
Fortunately, I was able to find a teacher who could explain its esoteric
"formulas" to me in modern scientific terms. It makes much sense. "

Who was this teacher Leon ?
Is that a secret ?

M. Sufilight

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Subject: Re: Theos-World re to Leon/Gerald . . .

> Hi Mr. Sufilight,
> Everything you say is right on. And, I appreciate your candor.
> As for the poetic and artistic aspects of ABC, I've also thought of that.
> Go to the following site and see for yourself:
> For more ABC oriented art with a bit of meditative visualization thrown
> in, see:
> There is much more along these lines, but, to see them, you will have to
> visit me, or read my book (if I ever finish and publish it in print --
> what is already posted on the cyberworld web or in the Astral.:-)
> Incidentally, most ofthe letters I write to this and all the scientific
> forums
> are also part of my book.
> Then go to the following site and find the links to some artistic pre ABC,
> "meditation with a seed" pencil paintings made about 25 years ago
> when I was wrapped up in -- but not trapped by -- the physical and astral
> worlds -- that need a bit of explanation -- before you get shocked by
> their candor. :-)
> Enjoy,
> Leonardo
> In a message dated 11/17/02 6:51:37 AM,
> >Hi Leon and all of you,
> >
> >Its quite allright Leon <:-)
> >What I meant was:
> >When you during the past half year or so - so many times mentiones your
> >(so
> >very) own book when emailing - and
> >your own ABC theory, where you could have chosen a different path - of
> >text
> >or emailing - then I see a tendency.
> >And that tendency is, that it seems to me, that you stick to much with
> >your
> >book and your ABC -theory - more
> >than it is profitable for you and others.
> >And there it is i get the "Salesman" view into my mind. Not that I think
> >you
> >support egoism or anything like that,
> >but just this view i mentioned in the above.
> >
> >One could suggest, that you made a theory (i.e. maybe a book) on poetry
> >or
> >art or the like, so that you get another view than the so very very
> >scientific one. Maybe a poetic version of your ABC theory ?
> >Sometimes the author sticks to his creation - the book - like glue. And
> >he
> >is always out to defend it, whenever he is talking or emailing with
> >others, - or at least he is alert on the issue. Well, if you get my
> ><:-)
> >Of course one - maybe - will have to defend the book from time to time.
> >
> >It is just that I see a tendency, nothing else.
> >Maybe I am the only one.
> >I know I am a little personal here, but I really honestly mean well.
> >And I think that, you Leon, have the stomach for it.
> >
> >I will also admit, that I am a little low on the scientific versions
> >But, that is probably because I think the world has had to much of this,
> >and
> >needs reason - i.e. PEACE and not more dangerous weapons created by
> >minds, who gets facinated more than they use their common sense.
> >Especially HPB was very good at throwing "common sense" in her articles,
> >where she had to explain the stupid scholars what Theosophy really was
> >and
> >is.
> >
> >Have I missed the point?
> >
> >
> >
> >from
> >M. Sufilight with...the best whises...and peace...
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