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Re: Theos-World Status of Indigenous Australians

Nov 14, 2002 10:17 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

HI Bart and all of you,

No Bart.
We are just not going to fall on our knees in front of one single - extremly
nationalistic - country which
say they follow the word "freedom" as their nickname - while they do the
opposite !
USA take more prisoners each year than for instance any of the
EU-countries - looking at percentages.
And what about the arab countries or India ?
And of course Bart will tell me, that the prisoners in the jails of USA are
allowed "FREE MIXING".
Have you ever visited one of the jails in that particular country ?
And I am not an anti-american, but I do believe, that peace is important.
Germany wants peace, but what does USA want ?

I still disagree.

M. Suflight

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> Bill Meredith wrote:
> > Morten, please come and see for yourself. Airline tickets are cheap.
> > Almost as cheap as anti-America rhetoric. MLK JR would be pleased, I
> > with the progress we have made since the 1960's when the civil rights
> > movement brought racial issues to forefront. Of course, there is still
> > to be done and no doubt he would point the way to even greater
> > in our race relations, but he could not help but be pleased with where
> > vision has brought us thus far.
> The problem with much anti-Americanism around the world is that, rather
> than compare the United States with their own countries, people compare
> the United States with perfection, and of course find it wanting.
> Bart Lidofsky
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