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Re: Theos-World Re: So was this materialization/precipitation "a big CON" too?

Nov 15, 2002 01:19 AM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 11/13/02 3:48:42 PM, writes:

> Among professional magicians, the Egyptian magicians are admired as the
>first of the great charlatans (the methods they used are well-known
>among magical historians). The last of the great charlatans was, of
>course, Count Cagliostro. 

And, of course, the best one was the Egyptian, Moses. I heard he could turn a 
staff into a snake, and make frogs fall out of the sky . ;-) And, my father, 
Moses (Mosher Ben Aaron Kohane) could turn a white silk scarf taken off a 
lady stranger he just met and turn it bright blue without touching it. I 
witnessed that, and all he would say was he learned that trick directly from 
the first Moses -- while blowing a smoke ring from his pipe in my direction 
and giving me a sly grin and a wink. (Though, he did tell me how Moses-I 
performed all his 7 plague miracles... But that still remains our family 
secret. </;-)> Nonetheless, he was no charlatan -- since he was well known 
and admired as the best dyer of fine silk in the entire Western world, and 
pioneered the dying of Nylon when it was first invented by Du Pont in 1937. 
Unfortunately, as a practicing alchemist, he never managed to turn lead into 
gold. X-( BTW, the first Moses was also a pretty good mason and knew how to 
write on and turn clay into stone. ;-)


> Bart Lidofsky

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