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Re: Theos-World Status of Indigenous Australians

Nov 15, 2002 06:33 AM
by Steve Stubbs

--- In theos-talk@y..., "Morten Nymann Olesen" <global-> No Bart.
> We are just not going to fall on our knees in front of one single - 
> nationalistic - country which
> say they follow the word "freedom" as their nickname - while they 
do the
> opposite !

Actually, what you think is freedom is another of Bush's 
mispronunciations. Just as he cannot pronounce nuclear or Iraq 
correctly he cannot pronounce oil correctly. Every time Bush says he 
wants to go to war with Iraq over oil, it sounds like he is saying he 
wants to go to war over freedom. He is not a liar. Just 
inarticulate. He needs to resign and take a public speaking course. 
Or just resign and go away, one of the two.

> USA take more prisoners each year than for instance any of the
> EU-countries - looking at percentages.

Absolutely true. That is the side effect of the so-called war on 
drugs, which was initially well intentioned and which makes sense on 
the face of it, but which has evolved into a job corps for out of 
work prison officials and cops. The problem is, if the laws were 
reformed, all those people would be put on the unemployment line. It 
is a classic problem which has faced all societies, in which a vested 
interest is created snd people fight like hell to keep it.

Interestingly, this is a view shared by people across the political 
spectrum, from William F Buckley to his counterparts of the left.

> And what about the arab countries or India ?

They are all far, far freer than the United States, no doubt about 
it. Every Arab or Indian you speak to says they really miss that. 
Some of us hope we can catch up someday.

> And of course Bart will tell me, that the prisoners in the jails of 
USA are
> allowed "FREE MIXING".

Nonsense, total nonsense. Bart is a nice guy, but if he defends 
Israel he will defend anything. Except the rights of Palestinians.

> Have you ever visited one of the jails in that particular country ?

I will answer on his behalf. He has never even driven past one.

> And I am not an anti-american, but I do believe, that peace is 
> Germany wants peace, but what does USA want ?

Listen to George Bush's speeches some time when you need help going 
to sleep. He wants war and he means to get it. Now that he has a 
rubber stamp parliament it looks as if another war is inevitable. 
The best we can hope for is that it is short and that he does not get 
beaten too badly.

You don't need an airline ticket Morten. You already have an 
accurate view of the situation.

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