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Re: Theos-World Moe and the volcano

Apr 08, 2002 09:54 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Steve Stubbs wrote:
> I think you may have a valid point there. What
> concerns me is their statement that he is not alone,
> evidenced by polls which indicate 46% of the Israelis
> want to ethnically cleanse the whole area of
> Palestinians. 

Please give a reference to that poll; I never heard of such a thing. I
know that the Koch party was banned from the Knesset for suggesting that
the Palestinians be merely exiled.

> this theory has been vindicated by recent events. If
> they wanted to seize the West Bank and Gaza the way to
> do it would have been Slobodan style, the way they
> expelled 3.5m people in 1948. 

A) That figure would be the entire population, both Jew and Arab, of
Israel at the time.

B) Virtually all the people who left were not kicked out, but left to
join their fellow Arabs in the destruction of the new state of Israel,
so that they could grab the land when the Jews were driven into the sea.

> explosives. The Jordanian army is not the enemy here.
> Building "settlements" on the river's banks will only
> provide an easy target for a man on a raft or a
> missile launched from the other bank.

Of course not. When they controlled the West Bank, they treated the
Palestinians FAR worse than the Israelis ever did. But nobody took THEM
to task (except Amnesty International), do to the miracle of moral

This is not to say that what the Israelis are doing is the right thing.
Regardless of morality, the tactics being currently used are not likely
to be effective. However, my fear is that the Israeli's are going to
start acting the way that Europe and the Arabs SAY they are acting, and
within a week, there will not be a single Palestinian left alive in the
West Bank or the Gaza Strip.

Bart Lidofsky

Bart Lidofsky

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