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Please unsubscribe me

Apr 09, 2002 06:47 AM
by Manish Modi

Dear Moderator,

Please unsubscribe me.



On Tuesday 09 April 2002 10:23, you wrote:
> Steve Stubbs wrote:
> > I think you may have a valid point there. What
> > concerns me is their statement that he is not alone,
> > evidenced by polls which indicate 46% of the Israelis
> > want to ethnically cleanse the whole area of
> > Palestinians.
> Please give a reference to that poll; I never heard of such a thing. I
> know that the Koch party was banned from the Knesset for suggesting that
> the Palestinians be merely exiled.
> > this theory has been vindicated by recent events. If
> > they wanted to seize the West Bank and Gaza the way to
> > do it would have been Slobodan style, the way they
> > expelled 3.5m people in 1948.
> A) That figure would be the entire population, both Jew and Arab, of
> Israel at the time.
> B) Virtually all the people who left were not kicked out, but left to
> join their fellow Arabs in the destruction of the new state of Israel,
> so that they could grab the land when the Jews were driven into the sea.
> > explosives. The Jordanian army is not the enemy here.
> > Building "settlements" on the river's banks will only
> > provide an easy target for a man on a raft or a
> > missile launched from the other bank.
> Of course not. When they controlled the West Bank, they treated the
> Palestinians FAR worse than the Israelis ever did. But nobody took THEM
> to task (except Amnesty International), do to the miracle of moral
> equivalency.
> This is not to say that what the Israelis are doing is the right thing.
> Regardless of morality, the tactics being currently used are not likely
> to be effective. However, my fear is that the Israeli's are going to
> start acting the way that Europe and the Arabs SAY they are acting, and
> within a week, there will not be a single Palestinian left alive in the
> West Bank or the Gaza Strip.
> Bart Lidofsky
> Bart Lidofsky
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Yours in Ahinsa,

Manish Modi

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