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RE: Theos-World Hi TLO and PR...

Mar 23, 2002 08:30 PM
by ramadoss


From antiquity, the dictum has been "Man Know Thyself" and no one has come
up with anything better.

Until such time anyone of us is able to say "I Know Myself", all we can do is to consider various pieces information as working hypothesis, because I do not think we can take a "pill" and instantly and miraculously Know Ourselves (If anyone can find one, we can make a lot of money and have many of the things money can buy!!!!). And we, in my opinion, is in the same position like the blind men trying to understand and figure out the elephant.

As I mentioned some time ago, when I talked to a group in the local Church about the Eastern beliefs of reincarnation and karma, I explained to them that the principle behind is that each of us is ultimately responsible for everything we initiate and accounts have to be balanced sooner or later.

And this sounded very reasonable to the audience, since in day to day life, it is very common to find people to pass on the blame to someone else -- an easy thing to do and make us feel good and make us look good in the eyes of others.

My 0.02.


At 04:35 AM 3/23/02 -0800, wrote:
Each individual is for himself his own authority. We cannot
delegate the ultimate responsibility of choice to any one, nor
can we blame any one if we adopt another's program or views.

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