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Re: Theosophical Research

Mar 23, 2002 08:14 PM
by ramadoss

At 07:10 PM 3/23/02 +0000, bri_mue wrote:
IAN wrote recently : Surely it's better for each of you as Theosophists to do your own
research rather than relying on inaccurate second hand information to
base your thoughts on?"
This is not something new!!!!

Krishnamurti gave the same message for over 60 years. He wanted all of us to get first hand experience and understanding and there is no substitute for them.

He wanted no one to rely upon any one, including himself, and felt that everyone can do independent first hand investigation. Anyone who has read Krishnamurti's writings and lectures will find this discussed many times and anyone who has not read, if they take the time to do the research will find it in many places.

Also we deal with to non-physical 'world', we seem to be in a position like the blind men and the elephant. Once we see the whole picture, all contradictions felt by the blind men would instantly disappear.

My 0.02. Your mileage and direction may vary, as they say.


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