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RE: Theos-World Hi TLO and PR...

Mar 23, 2002 04:43 AM
by dalval14

Saturday, March 23, 2002

Dear M S

To your comments, this is how I understand the teachings of
Theosophy to say:

Each individual is for himself his own authority. We cannot
delegate the ultimate responsibility of choice to any one, nor
can we blame any one if we adopt another's program or views.

A Theosophical Organization" has only 2 reasons for existence:

1.	It provides freely to all who inquire accurate information
about the ORIGINAL TEACHINGS as received through Mme. Blavatsky
from the MASTERS OF WISDOM. It therefore It provides reference
materials on this, the "original teachings." freely to all who
need, ask or want them.

2.	It provides a place where students can meet freely and discuss
those teachings with a view to better understanding them. There
can be no imposition of any set views or any dogmatism. The
research has to be freely conducted. No one is to encroach on
the rights and privileges of any other. Hence no "Leaders" are
needed. The "organization" effaces itself before the least of
students. It is maintained as a free and open service for all.
No questions can or should be asked. No requirements should be
imposed other than tolerance, and avoidance of any nuisance or
imposition on others by anyone.

That is the ideal.

As in the case of the time when H.P.Blavatsky was present, there
is always an "inner" core of students who study deeply. They
have, however, no special say about the "organization" which is
exoteric arrangement, sustained and maintained for all comers.
This was made clear from the very beginning, by H P B. Read her
article A PUZZLE FROM ADYAR. [LUCIFER Vol. 4 p. 506, August
1889, H.P.Blavatsky Articles, Vol. I, p. 217 (U L T). ]

The external "organization" is a reflection in our world of the
IDEAL, as expressed by present-day students who seek to practice
Theosophical ethics as purely as they can manage. It is
therefore up to those who join any such "organization" to see
that it is honestly, sincerely and truthfully administered.

But, as you know this is the ideal criteria for any organization
of any kind. All organizations have only one object and that is
to serve others. In so doing they may never direct, but they can
suggest and offer good proof for their views on demand.

Extreme, exaggerated and personal views are not to be adopted.
Common-sense is to be used in all cases. Universality and
impersonality and the highest possible moral ideals are to be
used all the time. Purity of motive and clarity of expression
are the basis for all interaction.

When those who think they have knowledge arrogate to themselves
the imposition and enforcement of rules and regulations --
however well intentioned -- those always degenerate into a creed
and hard and fast procedures -- which are valueless.

Theosophy teaches essentially self-improvement through
self-discipline. It is based on virtue and not on regulations.

The 4 "golden links" that H P B gives information on are [ Key,
p. 231 ]

1.	The UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL SOURCE of all. beings is ONE. Hence,

2.	Human solidarity is a fact because of (1) above. We all share
in the same ONE SPIRIT. Hence the Buddha is kin to the least of
"Monads" or "atoms" -- the sole difference being, that the
Mahatma has become through life experiences, fully conscious of
the Universe and is able therefore to serve with diligence and
accuracy the rest of manifestation. He works always under the
Law of Karma and never violates it. He preserves knowledge and
wisdom and diffuses or teaches it when needed. The best example
is the present-day Theosophical Movement; and our nearest
approach to the Mahatmas is through their TEACHINGS.

3.	Karma is the universal rule of the laws of virtue --
everywhere in both the manifested and the invisible universe,
world, and are equally present in every being, human or

4.	Reincarnation and reembodiment of the Spiritual Soul in a
series of bodies is the process of acquiring experience and of
improving our knowledge and practice of virtue.

Best wishes,


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Hi Dallas,

Thank you answering.
I will take some quotes from your email.


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