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Hi TLO and PR...

Mar 23, 2002 01:00 AM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi Dallas,

Thank you answering.
I will take some quotes from your email.

Dallas wrote:
Theosophy does not require any kind of an organization. It is a
voluntary grouping of similarly oriented minds, and inquirers
into our personal situations, the conditions of our world, and
the reason for our being here.

What is the definition of the word "organization" to you ? Theosophical organizations exists whether you like it or not. That is my view.

I totally agree on, that Theosophy doesn't - require - any kind of organization. 
Great remark.

But what does the concept 'The Learning Organization' (TLO) in theory really mean ? It according to me it contain that exact same view, that it relly doesn't need any kind of organization - as it is ordinarily understood.
I am not thinking about TLO a something for Theosophical organisations to follow, when viewed in trade terms. But the concept of TLO contains issues, which I think Theosophist should be much more concerned with, that they PR-wise are today.

My view is: The leaders in a real TLO is not acting as - authorities, Ph.d.'s, and schoolars, as it is often seen in New Age groups, and also in more than one Theosophical group or organization. 
They instead act like - motivators, coaches or counsellors and the like. This concept is what I think Theosophical organizations and groupings needs in a lot of their branches - and that badly. 
And that concept needs to be - much more clearly - stated as very important part of the nature of theosophy.
Many a theosophical branch has been created because of power struggles and conflicts - which didn't adress this issue properly.

(We are all coaches, we are all motivators, we are all counsellors, we 'all' mis-spell from time to time - let us honestly understand this).

My view is: That a number of New Age organizations - and some theosophical organizations and groupings included - are acting in a strange manner. 
They are concentrated - so very much - on issues of the past, and spend a whole lot of time discussing the past, and what has happened in the past. 
But they seldom seem to look at the present situation of the planet Earth or ahead towards the future. 
As it is written in The Bhagavad Gita, chapter 8 (translated by Sir Edwin Arnold):
"But- higher, deeper, innermost- abides
Another Life, not like the life of sense,
Escaping sight, unchanging. This endures
When all created things have passed away;
This is that Life named the Unmanifest,
The Infinite! the All! the Uttermost.
Thither arriving none return. That Life
Is Mine, and I am there! And, Prince! by faith
Which wanders not, there is a way to come
Thither. I, the PURUSHA, I Who spread
The Universe around me- in Whom dwell
All living Things- may so be reached and seen!"

So 'Thither arriving none return'. But some will not agree with me, HPB and Sir Edwin Arnold on that.

What I am putting forwards is, that Theosophical organizations are living too much in the past - and too little in the present. 
The PR and communications of a number of the Theosophical organizations ought to be changed, so they adapt their teachings - much better - to the present day - life of ordinary human beings. 
A long sentence. On a planet with - nuclear bombs, global terrorism, a nearing global information society, biological and chemical warfare, genetic engineering, cloning, nano-technology, space-travel, science closing in on evidence of ESP and a number of other issues -- a REAL global thinking or meditating -- theosophical grouping/organization will have to adress the present time we live in much more -- and adress the present problems which faces humanity, and not leave it all to the politicians, whith the sad present results -- we see today. (Well that is my view.)

Theosophy should use the Internet better so to raise awareness on the issues which faces humanity today, and not dwell so much in to past issues.

What is needed is a (humanistic down to earth) Theosophical - TV-station !
A TV-station which clearly puts the growing pseudo New Age of today where it belongs. The same on Scinece, and the present Political lawmakers, which runs without God/ParaBrahman. 
And the same on the still narrowminded dogmatic (although humanitarian and wellmeaning) churches of both the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims, -- and yes also certain of, -- the Buddhists, and the Hinduists...etc.
A TV-station which for instance could follow the analogy of Theos-talk !
(The money will come when the master is ready.)

Theosophy was in the past heard because - HPB and friends used the Newspapers (the TV of the past) to make a proper PR. Today it seems none nows anything of REAL theosophical - and international PR.
If they do, they certainly don't raise attention.

I claim that the Masters are REAL. I have meet them, - and officially only non-physically.
I claim that it is stupid to look at people in the terms of only withe and black, good or bad etc.
I claim, that things are happening on this planet right now, which will change this planet in a very extraordinary manner.
(Well I can claim what I want can I not ?)

The present western society should be happy that the -- hand writing the words on the wall hasn't arrived yet. - "Mene Mene Tekel Ufarsin" (-- is my spelling allright ?)

Feel totally do your best.

Sufilight with light and love...

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