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Roerich's Morya vs Blavatsky's Morya

Feb 27, 2002 09:09 AM
by redrosarian

--- In theos-talk@y..., "bri_mue" <bri_mue@y...> wrote:
> MNS, Do you think "Morya" the claimed author/inspirer of the
> Roerichs who published letters of "Morya", was the same person as 
> Blavatsky's "Morya" ?
> Or did Roerich just made that up in her mediumistic fervor, the way 
> Alice Bailey made up "Master D.K." ?

To a non-believer regarding any lineage of Theosophy, this might be 
hard to believe, much less explain to the skeptic. A student of 
Theosophy can discern a Master's "signature" in spite of the 
mediator's style of communication although it may be difficult 
depending on how much of the mediator's personality/ego filters 

A medium is a different story. As defined by G. de Purucker, "A 
medium actually in the theosophical teaching is one whose inner 
constitution is in unstable balance, or perhaps even dislocated, so 
that at different times the sheaths of the inner parts of the 
medium's constitution function irregularly and in magnetic sympathy 
with currents and entities in the astral light, more particularly in 
kama-loka... Very different indeed from the medium is the mediator, a 
human being of relatively highly evolved spiritual and intellectual 
and psychical nature who serves as an intermediary or mediator 
between the members of the Great Brotherhood, the mahatmas, and 
ordinary humanity."

I've seen some pretty good fakes who claim to be the true Messengers 
of the Great White Brotherhood. They were quite familiar with the 
concept of the seven rays which was explained in further detail by 
Charles Leadbeater and Ernest Wood. For example, many mediums try to 
imitate the first ray qualities to convince people that they are 
channeling Morya who is generally accepted as being of the first ray 
in many esoteric circles. Lots of people can take the concept of the 
seven rays and conjure up their own "Masters" to convince the unwary.

It takes more than a great actor or actress to convince this seeker 
that one is speaking on behalf of the true Masters. To be a true 
mediator, it is my understanding that one's consciousness has to be 
at a certain level of the mental plane. Many mediums are astrally-
oriented to the point that their so-called Masters seem to take on 
the very human characteristic of emotional or egotistical theatrics. 
It is also my understanding that this method of communication is no 
longer used by the Masters. Mediumistic communication may have been 
acceptable in the 19th century. However, it would be akin to a 
person using Morse code to communicate in the 21st century.


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