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Re: Theos-World To Monica N.Suzuki alias: "redrosarian" .

Feb 26, 2002 08:33 AM
by adelasie

Dear Steve and Morten, 

When comparing the style of these two books, it is worthwhile to 
remember that one is a translation. It is doubtful if "Leaves of 
Morya's Garden," in translation reflects completely accurately the 
style of expression it would have in the original Russian. Unless, of 
course, Steve, you are reading it in Russian?

Such a comparison as the one you suggest is necessarily subjective, 
but it is worth pointing out in this connection that Masters are not 
limited by our sorts of limitations. In fact, any good writer can 
write in different styles, and does, to different people. A Master 
must be assumed to have the ability to communicate in the manner that 
would most likely be meaningful to his audience, in just the same way 
that a Master would not be limited by language, but would write to 
Russians in Russian, Americans in English, etc. 

I would recommend, if one wants to know if any writing comes from a 
true source or not, to read it with the mind and heart open to its 
message. If it is true, that truth will make itself known. If it is 
not, that too will be evident. But it is not by means of literary 
criticism that one can arrive at such a determination. That would be 
like judging a piece of chocolate cake by the plate it was served on. 

I must be hungry...

Best wishes,

On 26 Feb 2002 at 7:49, Steve Stubbs wrote:

> Read "Leaves from Morya's Garden" and then read the
> mahatma letters and see if you believe they reasonably
> could have been written by the same person.
> --- Morten Sufilight <>
> wrote:
> > Hi Steve and all of you,
> > 
> > Has the Masters of wonder and wisdom a personal
> > style of writing.
> > That is a new one to me ?
> > Can anyone help me out on that ?
> > 
> > from
> > Sufilight with a stylist...

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