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Light In The Desert

Feb 27, 2002 09:19 AM
by LadyJudy

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Let us think of a desert country lying in absolute darkness and 
many animals moving about in it blindly. Naturally they will be 
frightened and as they run into each other during the night there 
will be frequent fighting. Such a conception is a pitiable one. Now 
let us think that a superior man appears with a great light and 
everything becomes bright and clear. We can imagine the relief of the 
creatures as they are able to look about, and their happiness as they 
recognize each other and renew their companionship. 
This is like the field of human life as it lies in the darkness 
of ignorance. Those who have no enlightenment wander about in 
loneliness and fear. They are born alone and die alone, they do not 
know how to associate together in peaceful harmony, and they are 
naturally fearful and despondent. 
Suddenly Buddha appears in human form and by his wisdom and 
compassion illumines the world. In this light people find themselves 
and find others and are glad to establish human fellowship and 
harmonious relations. 
Thousands of people may live in the world but we cannot call it a 
fellowship until they know each other and have sympathy for each 
other. A true community is a place where truth and wisdom are its 
light, and where the people know each other and trust each other and 
have things in common, and where there is a harmonious organization. 
In fact, harmony is its life and its happiness and its meaning. 

Mahaparinirvana Sutra

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