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The Threshold...The Heart of the Matter

Feb 27, 2002 10:09 AM
by LadyJudy

If Your Heart Is Full Of Love,
You Always Have Something To Give
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Namaste...The doorway opens, the gate stands ajar, the portal beckons, forever altering us as we pass through. This place marks a passage from one state to another. We may watch it coming from afar and with eyes wide open be totally aware that we are facing a threshold experience. Being aware of its presence and magnitude, we choose how we will respond. We can also be totally oblivious to it. It can be a surprise or it can be obvious. 

As the threshold opens to us, we may be filled with great joy or great fear. Either way, this is the place of transformation where it becomes possible for us to fly free beyond what we once thought was real. Here is the awesome moment of Divine intervention transmuting our "reality." The Divine dynamics have it no other way. 

To know the truth of this profound occurrence and to be able to "handle" the inevitable changes that sometimes seem to come out of nowhere and rearrange our lives, let us begin by feeling the energy of the threshold. 

The ancients used the word "threshold" when they spoke of twisting, boring, drilling, piercing, threshing and treading. To feel the meanings of these words is to feel the intensity and the penetrating activity of creation that occurs at the threshold moment. The Divine is continually interrupting our "reality," continually piercing what we believe to be truth. With the Divine there is no stagnation, no inertia only continual creation, continual change. This is the Divine mystery eternally unfolding our truth. 

We approach the threshold with our woven philosophies of facts about ourselves. Thinking we know the truth of ourselves, we take the step, sometimes willingly with consciousness, sometimes not. As we do so, the facts are stripped away and all is revealed, and all is renewed. 

Actually, the truth of the matter is that we are always upon the threshold, forever embraced by the Divine in the act of transformation. This is the moment of alchymeic transmutation where the dross is refined and the pure gold remains. It is the moment of metamorphosis where we fly free from our grub state. It is the moment when we take the leap of pure faith off of the cliff or let go of the trapeze and fly into the air. It is the moment when our golden phoenix self rises from the ashes. It is an amazing process whose power and importance we may be totally unaware of. 

At this moment, the profound love of the Divine rescues us from certain death and scoops us up out of our karma and we are transfigured. The intense recreation at the threshold is the Beloved both piercing and embracing us. With this threshold passage, we can become aware of the truth of ourselves. It is the Sweet Point. It is an unprecedented, extraordinary and sacred place. 

Now that we have felt the energy of the threshold, let us consider how we are to respond so we can make the most of this rejuvenating gift. How can we survive such an awesome event? How can we be assured that we will not end up as crumbling ashes at the bottom of the eternal crucible of transmutation? 

Our success lies in the ability to truthfully examine the different ways we may respond. We must consider our tendencies. If we are one who continually exists only in our emotional centers, where everything is seen only in terms of how it affects us, then we are one whose existence is a continual reaction. We see only that we are the victims of everything outside of us. 

On the other hand, we may be the one who exists above reaction. With each breath, we breathe to and from infinity. For us, each inhale is perfect reception of the life force, and each exhale is perfect sacrifice of all that is. We begin to see now that our response at this moment is critical to the outcome of this process. 

Here is a very simple example of a threshold experience that I just passed through. Recently, I had a head cold. I found that instead of plummeting into despair and depression at being physically ill, I became more relaxed. "Ah, it's a cold." I found myself desiring not to contract against the "enemy" but to feel the Divine presence. How I enjoyed the peace I found with that choice while I was recovering. 

At the threshold, we must be able to stand with open heart before the Divine Heart and release our entire self. This being done, every tendency that we harbor is revealed. Yielding all up, nothing remains hidden. We must check our reactionary baggage, definitions and tendencies at the door. Reserving every possible degree of reaction, judgment and comparisons, we must release the mind and come into the heart. With this act of surrender, we initiate our own miraculous birth into a being that no longer contracts into reaction, but relaxes in trust. 

Here, we can only trust and relax until the transformation takes us beyond our personal prison. It may be flashing all around us, but it is also flushing. Gratitude should fill us as we realize that we are moving beyond this flash flood. We must be able to accept the perfection of what is presently arising. Here, where nothing is hidden, we see the truth of it all as a reflection of ourselves. It is a time of revelation when we see what needs to be transformed. It is a place of continual feedback for what we are "on about." 

Can we accept that our undoing is the Divine creating our life? If we make our own submission possible, then we are at last able to stand free in the perfect confession of only happiness. We may choose, however, not to surrender to the Divine. The results of this choice are that we fall back on our old tendencies of fear, anger and sorrow --where we are always the victim. The outcome of this is not renewal, but the same old experience of pain and suffering. Death by our own hands. 

Let us not be oblivious to our miraculous threshold process. Let us not be asleep during our passage or contract in fear from the Divine's presence as our own intimate Creator. Let us be awakened to the Heart of the Matter! 

The threshold is the place of our remembrance of the truth of us. It is where we can step forward into each moment with our attention on the Divine and find release into the Divine current. Upon the threshold, there is no separation from the Divine. Here, as we surrender and swoon into the arms of Bliss, we will hear the Beloved whisper our name with such love that we will relinquish our layers of unfruitfulness, revealing the Truth of us as Only God. At this intimate moment, we partner with the Divine and together loosen the firm clasps of the old layers of our definitions and facts, discard them and become renewed. Here, we look at God and God looks at us from face-to-face as transformed into one image. Sent with Love, Judy

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