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Re: Theos-World Does Muehlegger Have an Opinion on Hilarion's Visit to Bombay?

Feb 27, 2002 08:59 AM
by alwilli

Hello danielhcaldwell,
Wednesday, February 27, 2002, you wrote:
> In fact, Brigitte Muehlegger, Steve Stubbs, Paul
> Johnson and I believe Olcott was visited by a real
> physical person or persons in this New York incident. 
> See Case A in chart at:

While I believe it is important that someone with your background does
consistently highlight, for newcomers etc., that all these things should be
diligently checked and balanced, on the broader front it is irrelevant to
the study of Theosophy whether Muehlegger, Stubbs, Johnson, or even
Williams, acknowledges, promotes, or questions one or other of the myriad
issues raised by HPBs books. The inquirer must do their own questioning.
First internally, then by way of extant commentary, if the internal question
provides no satisfactory answer. But always the inquirer should be cognisant
of that ever-wise precaution: Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware. For, as
HPB stated, true knowledge cannot be purchased, it has to be earned. If
someone is trying to sell you a slant, an intellectualisation, an
interpretation of anything, there is surely a price attached. You might feel
you have paid nothing. But to the extent you adopt their view they raise the
value of their own wiseacreing, honest or not.

Best regards,

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