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Re: Theos-World Re: heretics speaking the truth

Feb 20, 2002 07:10 AM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi All of you,

Very well.
I have heard, that the major Ruined Tower, doesn't correspond with the - Middle Eastern views. (written 1964-8 by Idries Shah).

Sufilight with en(vi)ron-mental 'concrete'...<:-)...(-:>...High hats or not, funny they are...

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> > There are different guises that we can take on to
> > help teach others. The heretic guise is akin to the
> > trickster or The Fool. Other more traditional guises
> > are more akin to The Magician or The Hierophant.
> If you're talking about archetypes that make people uncomfortable 
> with the truth, those belong of the Swords suit, not to mention the 
> esoteric truths of The High Priestess or the karmic truths of The 
> Justice. The most detached, objective, truthful archetype would be 
> exemplified by the King of Swords, the judge or the lawyer. The 
> truthful, blunt, direct style of the Queen of Swords is often too 
> much to take. It would be the Queen of Swords who makes it difficult 
> for people to hear the truth because her style lacks compassion.
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