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Re: heretics speaking the truth

Feb 20, 2002 07:02 AM
by redrosarian

--- In theos-talk@y..., Eldon B Tucker <eldon@t...> wrote:
> There are different guises that we can take on to
> help teach others. The heretic guise is akin to the
> trickster or The Fool. Other more traditional guises
> are more akin to The Magician or The Hierophant.

If you're talking about archetypes that make people uncomfortable 
with the truth, those belong of the Swords suit, not to mention the 
esoteric truths of The High Priestess or the karmic truths of The 
Justice. The most detached, objective, truthful archetype would be 
exemplified by the King of Swords, the judge or the lawyer. The 
truthful, blunt, direct style of the Queen of Swords is often too 
much to take. It would be the Queen of Swords who makes it difficult 
for people to hear the truth because her style lacks compassion.


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