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when offering something special

Feb 24, 2002 02:01 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

The truthful, blunt, direct style of the Queen of Swords is often too
much to take. It would be the Queen of Swords who makes it difficult
for people to hear the truth because her style lacks compassion.

Lacking compassion, something said can be cruel, hurtful,
and destructive. But the same can be said when there is a
lack on any of the high qualities, including Truth, Wisdom,
Love, Justice, and Peace.

Something of highest quality is given when all the noble
virtues or ideal qualities are present. The entire spectrum
of higher things is needed to breathe the wind of the spirit
into something that we share.

Having no single quality, however noble, is enough. They
all should be there, behind the words that we speak.

When you mention compassion, you're pointing out that essential
quality that is most-often stressed in theosophical books.
But all the high qualities are essential. We stress the ones that
are most lacking, in order to make people aware of them and to
build them up. But all the facets of the Jewel of the spirit
are needed when we're offering something special.

-- Eldon

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