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Re: Theos-World the pronoun fights

Feb 20, 2002 09:07 AM
by adelasie

Dear Steve,

With all due respect, I must say that you have every right to your 
opinion, and to expressing the same, but I would like to offer an 
alternative opinion, since there may be others who do not necessarily 
feel as you do, one of whom is myself. 

HPB once said (and I paraphrase) that atheists, by their very denial, 
prove the existence of that which they deny, since how can a person 
deny that which does not exist? If there is no "god," as the atheists 
say, then there would be not even a shadow of a concept to deny. 

It seems to me that the same argument could be applied to those like 
yourself who deny the essential nature of theosophy. If it is nothing 
important, why is so much time and energy spent on proving it to be 
worthless? Such a small, weak and insignificant thing as such claim 
theosophy to be would certainly hardly be worth a moment of thought, 
let alone reams and gigs of words.

If, on the other hand, as I believe, theosophy is a potent and vital 
force in all our lives, whether we know it or not, but is not 
apparently very much in evidence on the material plane, that may be 
because it is not limited to that plane of manifestation, but extends 
to realms beyond our imagining, and every where in between. If we 
think that the theosophical movement of the past century or so is all 
there is of theosophy, perhaps we are not noticing its eternal 
nature. And if we attempt to judge the significance in our lives of 
the eternal and ancient wisdom brought into a doubting world by the 
work of HPB, Judge, and others, who sought no personal glory, but 
simply and selflessly did the work that was given them to do, by our 
current standards of material power and greed, we will fail to come 
to any understanding of the true power and significance of that 
movement for this era and far into the future. 

Perhaps such statements cannot be proven to the satisfaction of 
historians such as yourself, and that is as it must be. But there are 
those who feel the truth of them resonate in their hearts, and to 
those I say, there is no room for doubt or despair. All there is room 
for is devotion to duty and sincere aspiration to follow the path 
laid out for more ages than we can count, for those who wish to live 
according to the laws of nature that theosophy teaches. Our evolution 
is not completed. One day even those "masses" will recognize their 
real identity, as divine sparks of the one eternal reality.


On 19 Feb 2002 at 19:59, Steve Stubbs wrote:
> What did work for WQ Judge? He was a sidelined
> character I believe. Theosophy in the 19th century
> got as much attention as it did because of all the
> drama created by Blavatsky and her theatrical
> personality. The wars with the churches did not just
> happen. She provoked them. The wars with the
> Orientalists did not just happen. She provoked them. 
> The British Raj did not choose to fight with her. She
> chose to fight with the Raj. There were lawsuits and
> scandals and purported miracles galore. I am not sure
> that is the right model for the modern TS. The
> masters have completely lost interest in the TS and
> withdrawn their support. Now the rest of the world is
> doing the same. As it becomes more and more
> irrelevant maybe it is best for it to just keel over
> and die quietly. An immensely abstruse philosophy is
> never going to appeal to the masses.

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