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Re: Theos-World the pronoun fights

Feb 19, 2002 07:59 PM
by Steve Stubbs

--- Eldon B Tucker <> wrote:
> Somehow I think that an new organizational structure
> and
> approach to the theosophical philosophy may be
> needed.
> Look at the declining memberships and lack of impact
> in
> the world. What worked for W.Q. Judge in the 1880's
> in
> America in the days of the wild west does not seem
> quite
> up to par for the needs of people today.

What did work for WQ Judge? He was a sidelined
character I believe. Theosophy in the 19th century
got as much attention as it did because of all the
drama created by Blavatsky and her theatrical
personality. The wars with the churches did not just
happen. She provoked them. The wars with the
Orientalists did not just happen. She provoked them. 
The British Raj did not choose to fight with her. She
chose to fight with the Raj. There were lawsuits and
scandals and purported miracles galore. I am not sure
that is the right model for the modern TS. The
masters have completely lost interest in the TS and
withdrawn their support. Now the rest of the world is
doing the same. As it becomes more and more
irrelevant maybe it is best for it to just keel over
and die quietly. An immensely abstruse philosophy is
never going to appeal to the masses.

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