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Re: Theos-World Reg.Harrasment on theos-talk.

Feb 15, 2002 07:02 AM
by Larry F Kolts

Brigitte is correct that if she have "revealed" herself to us we should
likewise. Personally, I think of the fellow list members I correspond
with as many of my best friends. And those friends come in many varied
persuations. I value Dallas and Adalasie as dear devoted fellow devote
theosophists who are doing their best to live the values HPB taught. But
I also value Steve and Paul and Brigitte for the serious study and
questioning they do. I no one ever questions where would we all be? And
folks like Louis and Bill and so many other for their level headedness
and ability to see all sides.

But as for my self. It seems to me that I have lived two lives in this
one incarnation.

My first life:

A Mormon High Priest
Married 18 yrs to a Mormon girl (but not a Molly Mormon)
Four children, now 32 to 24 and six grandchildren
Active in Conservative politics (County Chariman NYS Conservative Party)
Materials Manager/Director in a couple of differnet manufacturing
Stamp Collector
Advid student of religion, history and politics, also science

My second life over the last eight yrs:
A theosophist
Moderator on BN-Study
Married to a girl 22 yrs my junior
Father of two little girls 5 and 2
Run my own home decorating contracting business (painting, wall papering,
tile work, etc) 
Star Wars and Dragaonlance affectionato
Still collect stamps (what happened there)
Trustee local library board 
Took part in an unassisted childbirth (my two yr old)
Opposed to vaccinations
Home schooler
Student of all new age material and personal self improvement methods

Boring, right 

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