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Re: Theos-World Reg.Harrasment on theos-talk.

Feb 18, 2002 07:19 AM
by Bill Meredith

Hi Larry.

I appreciate what you have contributed here. I have also noted a distinct
life within a life in my own present incarnation. Actually more like
chapters in a novel where each chapter is in fact a stand alone short story.
This concept helps me to understand reincarnation in general and I wonder if
others on this list have the same experience of their present lives?

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Sent: Friday, February 15, 2002 9:53 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Reg.Harrasment on theos-talk.

> Brigitte is correct that if she have "revealed" herself to us we should
> likewise. Personally, I think of the fellow list members I correspond
> with as many of my best friends. And those friends come in many varied
> persuations. I value Dallas and Adalasie as dear devoted fellow devote
> theosophists who are doing their best to live the values HPB taught. But
> I also value Steve and Paul and Brigitte for the serious study and
> questioning they do. I no one ever questions where would we all be? And
> folks like Louis and Bill and so many other for their level headedness
> and ability to see all sides.
> But as for my self. It seems to me that I have lived two lives in this
> one incarnation.
> My first life:
> A Mormon High Priest
> Married 18 yrs to a Mormon girl (but not a Molly Mormon)
> Four children, now 32 to 24 and six grandchildren
> Active in Conservative politics (County Chariman NYS Conservative Party)
> Materials Manager/Director in a couple of differnet manufacturing
> settings
> Stamp Collector
> Advid student of religion, history and politics, also science
> Genealogist
> My second life over the last eight yrs:
> A theosophist
> Moderator on BN-Study
> Married to a girl 22 yrs my junior
> Father of two little girls 5 and 2
> Run my own home decorating contracting business (painting, wall papering,
> tile work, etc)
> Enviromentalist
> Star Wars and Dragaonlance affectionato
> Still collect stamps (what happened there)
> Trustee local library board
> Took part in an unassisted childbirth (my two yr old)
> Opposed to vaccinations
> Home schooler
> Student of all new age material and personal self improvement methods
> Boring, right
> Larry
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