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Steve Stubbs: ""I see no reason to doubt their [the Masters']claim . . . "

Feb 15, 2002 07:16 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Steve Stubbs wrote:

"I see no reason to doubt their [the Masters']claim that they 
belonged to an organization headquartered in northern India which has 
come to be referred to as the 'White Brotherhood' and which had 
Tibertan connections and/or influence."

Quoted from:

A chart could also be made showing that Steve Stubbs' views 
on many of Blavatsky's and the Masters' claims are diametrically 
opposed to those of Brigitte Mühlegger.  

This comparison would show, among other things, that one need not be 
a "Theosophical Fundamentalist" to disagree with Mühlegger's

I think that, in fact, Mühlegger may be considered a "radical 
skeptic" of Blavatsky's claims and not a "neutral" scholar as she has 
seemingly claimed. By "radical" I mean that in comparison with even 
Paul Johnson's views on Blavatsky and the Masters, Mühlegger's
views are far more skeptical and negative.

Daniel H. Caldwell

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