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Mühlegger continues her silence on her true opinion about Olcott's encounters

Feb 15, 2002 06:50 AM
by danielhcaldwell

SUBJECT: Mühlegger continues her silence about her true opinion
of Olcott's encounters with the Masters

Brigitte Mühlegger's reticence to either explicitly agree or
disagree with what both Steve Stubbs and Paul Johnson have written 
about Olcott's encounters with the Masters continues to puzzle me.

The "Chart of Differing Interpretations of Some of Olcott's 
Encounters with the Masters" [see: ]shows that the 
explanations she has given are not compatible with Johnson's and 
Stubbs'"real adepts" view.
I personally cannot believe that the opinion of my German 
corrspondent at
is actually true.  

But Mühlegger has had plenty of time to deny what the German 
correspondent believes. But she has said nothing.

In the near future when I find the time I am going to write a posting 
comparing in some detail her view as given at:

with the view of Stubbs which can be found at:

Contrasting the "thinking & reasoning" behind each of these views 
will provide some interesting insights.

Daniel H. Caldwell

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