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Mühlegger does believe real adepts visited Olcott, writes one of my. . .

Feb 13, 2002 08:34 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Brigitte Mühlegger actually does believe real adepts visited
Olcott, writes one of my correspondents. 

A new correspondent from Germany has emailed me suggesting that 
Brigitte Mühlegger may truly believe that real adepts visited
Olcott in New York City as well as in India and Ceylon. His line of 
thinking is that Mühlegger's reticence to either explicitly agree
or disagree with what both Steve Stubbs and Paul Johnson have written 
about Olcott's encounters with the Masters indicates that in 
her "heart of hearts" Mühlegger actually agrees with Johnson's
view that "real adepts" visited Olcott in New York City and with 
Stubbs' view that "the mahatmas were real men" who visited Olcott, 
for example, at Bombay TS headquarters in India. See Stubbs's 
statement at: 

Why is Mühlegger reticent to give her view that Olcott was visited
by real men who were adepts and Masters? According to my 
correspondent it could be because she has a PhD in Mathematics and 
teaches at the University of Vienna. If she allowed her peers and 
superiors to know her real views, there might be unpleasant 
consequences for her as a scholar and academic.

But what about what Mühlegger has written at: ??

My correspondent thinks that Mühlegger only gave those skeptical 
explanations of Olcott's visitations from the Masters as possible 
explanations. A scholar should point out various alternate 
explanations and Mühlegger was therefore obliged to do just that.

The above explanation would certainly explain: 

(1) why Mühlegger keeps insisting there is no conflect between her 
views and those of Johnson and Stubbs;

(2) her reticence to explicitly state whether she agrees or disagrees 
with Johnson and Stubbs about "real adepts" visiting Olcott.

This is certainly food for thought and an alternate view that had not 
crossed my mind.

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