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Masters and the ES

Feb 13, 2002 09:50 AM
by Larry F Kolts

Now that Paul seems to have "signed off" this list, my questions of last
weekend go unanswered.

I enjoy all this historical discussion but feel that current mindsets,
policies and programs are at least as important to a full understanding
of the situation.

Much has been made of fundimentalism among theosophists and one of the
last such discussions mentioned the attitude of ULT associates at joint
conferences and how that was surely a fundimentalist mindset. It IS true
that mostULT members believe that at one time those in the other
organizations "went astray" at least as far as how R. Crosbie and ULT
members view the aim of theosophical organiztions, which is to them to
study the works of the Masters and Founders. That other pursued varied
programs is viewed as a drift from this aim. Unfortunately the mindset
persists even thoght others have come back to what the ULT believes. So,
yes, there is a certain amount of fundimentalist attitude in that body of

If, however, it were true, as Paul seemed to allude to, that the attitude
within TS-Adyar is that only those within the Eoteric Section have a
right to messages from the Masters, then such an attitude would represent
every bit as much a fundimentalist position as those in ULT. In fact,
that exclusivity mindset would be akin to the Roman Catholic postion that
the Pope is the Vicar of Christ or the Mormon postion that their
President,Prophet, Seer and Revelator is the sole recipient of
revelations from God.

So I ask again, does anyone know of this position? I would actually love
to be told- no way, that not at all how we think-but I believe it
important to have all the cards on the table in this matter and all be
open and honest if we are to reach any sort of consensus.

My second question was a historical one. Who is the last person to have
claimed to have recieved as message from a Master? Let's get that far if
we can and then I'll comment further depending on what the facts are. No
sense laying an elaborate foundation for something that may turn out to
be a straw man.


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