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Current mindset, etc

Feb 08, 2002 05:28 AM
by Larry F Kolts

Thanks to all who have responded to my questions thus far. It does help
to understand each other better.

As for myself, I too am a seeker of truth. I once thought that was in
Mormonism but that lost its edge around the early eighties. I held in
there for another ten years or so because I didn't realize there was
anything better. Then I found Theosophy! 

I look into everything. Along with theosophy I read Steiner,
Khrishnamurti and even Shirley McClain (SIC) I just wasn't going to allow
myself to get caught a second time without reviewing all the possibles
out there. Part is do to the unique area in which I live. Big Indian,
Kingston, Hurley, all are a stones throw from WOODSTOCK, NY, a new age
center if there ever was one. I actually lived there for two years and
most of my cliets are there. I've visited and bought books at both the
Zen Mountain Monastary in MT Tremper and the Tibetan Monastary in
Woodstock itself. My oldest son and wife had their wedding performed by a
wican witch who is a family friend. (He's into the SCA) But I have
settled on theosophy as ahving the greatest potential for teaching truth.

I view these lists as constituting a kind of Grand Lodge of Theosophy.
While I am a sincere ULT affiliate, I enjoy the counterplay from all the
various viewpoints and am glad the internet provides such a forum. I hope
for an ever closer working relationship.

I value dissent to the extent that it encourages thought, study and
constant evaluation. I only hope such discussion remain civil, even
friendly, with the "universal brotherhood"
concept remaining an overriding virtue. I tend to be a healer of sorts,
readliy seeing all sides and the goodness in all. what hurts me is the
petty squabbles. Yet it is good to make others look at themselves and
constantly improve. Above all, I belive that truth will prevail and seek
constantly for that. No hidden agenda here.


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