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RE: Theos-World and the basis for Historical accuracy.

Feb 08, 2002 02:53 AM
by dalval14

Friday, February 08, 2002

Dear Larry

As usual this all comes down to every one who is interested doing
their own home-work.

If one tries to take sides based on what one reads, one has to be
absolutely sure that all offered is carefully balanced and
accurately copied. To accept anything, including all I write,
without cross verification is an error. No one can possibly be
an "authority" to any one else but themselves.

Could I suggest that you read carefully the existing book THE
THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT (1875-1950) Theosophy Company, LOS ANGELES
(price about $ 7.00)

I would like to assure you of its accuracy. All the back-up
documents are available. I consider the assessments made there,
of the course of the THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT in those pages, to be
very fair to everyone involved. If we are uncertain about some of
the biases now being posted on items of Theosophical "history,"
we will find (using the INDEX) of that book -- answers.

Also, Mrs. Sylvia CRANSTON's book "H P B" is thoroughly well
documented. As far as I am able to read it, it is fair and
unbiased. There again all statements made are backed up with
documents. And the INDEX provides us all with a quick access to
specific events and their importance and outcome.

Mr. M. Gomes has produced a fine review of the documents of
Theosophical History for the period 1875-1900. It is titled
"THEOSOPHY IN THE 19th CENTURY -- An annotated Bibliography," it
was issued in 1994 by GARLAND PUBLISHING Inc, New York and
London. All the material that is now being written about is
defined there and is also available from a number of libraries
and archives.

Mr. Daniel Caldwell provides, through his Web-Pages on the
Internet, all of us with a remarkable survey of documents that
relate to Mme. Blavatsky, and this too is most useful as
corroboration of the three sources mentioned above.

A number of Theosophical organizations and Associations have
joined to provide us with photographic copies of the original
literature of Theosophy -- books and articles by Mme. H. P.
Blavatsky, and others of her close colleagues If we go to we will be able to secure these for
ourselves to read or to purchase.

This open policy is the only one that assures all readers and
students, of the accuracy of the material offered, and gives him
the freedom to make up his own mind on the various issues raised.

Best wishes,



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From: Larry F Kolts []
Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2002 2:15 PM
Subject: Theos-World Historical correctness

A little further reflection.

I doubt we as a group will ever totally agree on what the
reality of theosophical origins are. It's just too charged a

There will always be those who have reviewed various charges and
read the answers presented against those charges and have
concluded that
those charges have been sufficiently answered. Others will read
the same
material and come away unimpressed by the answers.


Did O.J. Simpson commit murder?

Who killed John Kennedy?

Who really won the recent presidential election in Florida?

Each of these questions is a highly charged historical mystery.
For some,
the questions remain open and for others the case has been
closed. All
depends on mindset. And none of these questions involves anything
paranormal, spiritual, or otherwordly in the slightest.
Yet the questions we are presented with do involve
belief/unbelief in
things beyond the material. Maybe we have to really be content to
to disagree.

Bill's recent posts reflecting on the Karmic ties within this
group are
really something to ponder. There certainly does seem to be some
that bind us all. I had only heard about this discussion through
crossposts to BN-Study, but for some reason felt compelled to be

One other thought and I'll quit my stream of consciousness
rambling. I
found it helpful for everyone do share their background. Would it
equally helpful to state a current mindset? Why are we here (on
list) What do we hope to get out of it? What do we hope to
with what we contribute? Any takers?


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