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Re: Theos-World Historical correctness

Feb 07, 2002 07:29 PM
by Mic Forster

Hi Larry and all others on this list,

Would it be
equally helpful to state a current mindset? Why are we here (on this
list) What do we hope to get out of it? What do we hope to accomplish
with what we contribute? Any takers?


Current mindset: Throughout my childhood I was given a strict catholic education. By the time I could think for myself I realised that what I had been taught was not true. ie the world is not 6,000 years old and it wasn't created in 7 days. When I questioned my teachers they didn't give me answers they merely put me on detention for questioning them!! Obviously I rebeled and a few expulsions later I settled down into a materialistic mindset: did economic subjects, commerce, finance etc and really got stuck into those who stopped anybody from making a buck. After getting into the real world I saw how naive and shallow I was and started exploring different ideas, modes of thought etc. During this period I stumbled across the works of Leadbeater and thought the guy was an absolute nut! By now I was deeply concerned about the environment and started an ecology course at university. During my studies I came up with all sorts of theories, all of them leading back to some of the things this Leadbeater guy had said. Given that I started researching him more thoroughly and inevitably I came across theosophical literature. I was impressed by one thing and one thing only: the Theosophist's drive for the truth. Here was a philosophy that could not be wrong as it is wholly based on discovering the truth. I don't know if what HPB or anybody else says is true, I don't even know if they think it is true. But the point is there is a genuine drive for the truth and this is my current mindset.

Why here: I have the impression that I am one of the youngest members of this list being only 22. Basically those I associate with in the real world (as opposed to the internent world) wouldn't even give a second thought to the topics and discussions that happen on this list. As I am searching for the truth I needed an outlet where I could divulge my ideas and ask others questions about anything. If I joined a Theosophy Society I would not feel compelled to express my opinions thoroughly as the fundamentalists, I am sure, would not have a bar of it. I feel this is a list where I can express myself.

Hope to gain: satisfaction.

Hope to accomplish with my contributions: I hope to clarify issues and questions that I have and, in the process, help anybody else if they have any issues or questions. Communicating with people from all over the world and from different cultures is also a good way to find out things about yourself that otherwise you may not.


Michael Forster

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