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Re to Bruce - Karma

Feb 08, 2002 06:38 AM
by Gerald Schueler

<<<Hence, even with chaos theory and probability theory (both of which work on the basis of statistics, probability) it would seem that there is some kind of Mind-force behind all events, even if no actual mechanical pattern. 
That would again suggest the importance of Karma,...>>>

Bruce, it seems to me that Theosophy and modern science can be dovetailed very nicely when we realize that our universe's underlying probablity, from quantum and chaos theories, is indicative of collective karma. Collectives function statistically, while individuals do not. Statistics don't apply to individuals. Thus we, as human beings, are subject to a collective karma that is probablistic (acausal) while still retaining a personal karma that is deterministic (effects follow causes). 

I have been trying to say this for a long long time, and I know it goes against the grain of a lot of Theosophists who are still Laplacian in their thinking. But Theosophists need to accept the findings of modern science, accept that our human collective karma is probablistic, and move on.

Blavatsky's evolution model of 7 Rounds, 7 Races, etc etc, has to do with the probablistic nature of the collective - she is describing averages. As individuals we are not tied to this model, or any other model, and this fact forms the basis of the doctrine of liberation, and shows why a Path can be effective and successful. In short, modern science is helping to show us the truth of esotericism.

Jerry S.

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