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Re to Paul

Feb 08, 2002 06:52 AM
by Gerald Schueler

<<<More understandable when coming from total
strangers with a track record of unfounded hostile judgments than from a friend like Jerry whom I've actually met several times. But perhaps it's
contagious. Brigitte, Steve, and I are interested in many of the same questions, but this kind of stereotyping is misleading. >>>

Paul I do consider you a friend. My lumping you together with Steve and Brigitte, whom I have never met, was solely as unbiased historians. I am not a historian, and so I do not belong in that group. I do NOT distinguish good historians from bad, knowing very well my own inability to do.

<<<and say that on the contrary, I agree *entirely* with Jerry on this. And would argue for it, if the discussion were to proceed in that direction. >>>

Hopefully they will. I think that Bruce has agreed to this as well. Either Theosophy, and thus the TM, is a closed system of core teachings, or it is an open system of living ideas that grows by accepting new thoughts. Some seem to want the former while giving lip service to the latter, while I am clearly arguing for the latter. Anyway, for some people this is a new concept, and it may take a while to sink in.

Jerry S.

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