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Re to Paul

Feb 06, 2002 07:26 AM
by Gerald Schueler

<<<<<<Hey Jerry,
I don't see any post by Adelasie on this subject. (GS in the middle.)
What are you referring to when you praise it?

Paul see her post below. It was posted to theos-l, which is my main list.

Jerry S.


Dear Jerry,

Reading what you have written in this post I find that, although you call youself somewhere in the middle, to me you sound like a serious student. Some people seem to think that to be a theosophist you must be some sort of true believer, a fundamentalist, I think is the favorite term lately. But what I understand about the teachings revealed in the theosophical movement on this subject is that all that is needed is a sincere attempt to study the material and to live one's life according to 
one's highest ideals. If we didn't question the things that don't make sense to us, then we wouldn't be using our own minds, and theosophy recommends that above all. If we try to deify HPB or the 
Masters or anyone else, we are falling into the trap of worship, which is never recommended in theosophy. Maybe somewhere in the middle is a good place to be.



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