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The Importance of Going to the Primary Sources: An Example

Feb 06, 2002 08:03 AM
by danielhcaldwell

In one of Brigitte's latest postings, we find:

> In the "Religio-Philosophical Journal 22/20, May 19, 1877:p. 4, 
> Blavatsky wrote that the separation of soul and body is "one of the 
> last and very highest achievements of magic."

Brigitte, did you actually go to the RELIGIO-PHILOSOPHICAL JOURNAL 
for May 19, 1877 and read page 4?

Did Madame Blavatsky actually WRITE what you say she did?

It would appear that you only consulted Deveney's ASTRAL PROJECTION 
and that you have actually MISREAD footnote 40 on page 17 of 
Deveney's work.

The article in the RPJ for 5/19/1877 [mentioned in footnote 40] is 
(as Deveney writes) "an article touting the superiority over 
occultism of the new phase of spiritualism, exemplified by Cora 
Richmond, in which the medium was taken out of her body to view the 
wonderful scenes of the spirit world."

Did Madame Blavatsky write this article????

Daniel H. Caldwell

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