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RE: evolution -- answers to Daniel - Quotes - 1

Nov 21, 2001 05:12 PM
by dalval14

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Dear Peter:

Most instructive and interesting. This discussion has great
value to us all.

May I offer here some surmises drawn from statements made in the
S D ?

Suppose we were to apply to the question the idea H.P.Blavatsky
gives concerning the UNIVERSAL MONAD and its 7 PRIMORDIAL
SUB-DIVISIONS -- perhaps we could call them Dhyan Chohans or
Dhyani Buddhas. (S D I 570 - 575; I 619 - 634)

>From the ABSOLUTE (under the Karma of repetitive Manifestations,
caused by the many differentiated "monads of lesser experience")
there periodically is an emanation of MANIFESTATION on 7 planes
from Primordial to gross Matter. This ABSOLUTE has NO NUMBER.
It is out of relation with any limits, because it is the
ever-present CAUSE. It is a "logical necessity." (S D I 295)
We can assume that Karma is the Universal FORCE ever resident in
the Absolute.

Once that we pass in thought out of that indescribable and
immutable, we have the various differentiations of
"Manifestation." These all function under the continuing Karma
of past manvantaras. We have to grasp that 'EVOLUTION" is
continuous and it is like a successive vibration wave with
periods of rest and activity interspersed, but always related.
(S D I 148)

The participants in this process are individual immortal MONADS.
These proceed through the whole process as eternal centers of
force as well as of sentience. The whole of SPACE (that is
limitless) is pervaded by Monads ( S D I 289, 150 ).

The differentiations are 7 because there are the 3 pairs of
active aspects in all manifestations, synthesized by the 7th the
ABSOLUTE on the non-manifested side and the UNIVERSAL SPIRIT on
the manifested side. [Symbolically they form two interlaced
triangles -- Solomon's Seal.]
(S D I 158)

Emanating from the ABSOLUTE, the SPIRIT stands alone, sexless as
the starting point on the side of manifestation. It is in effect
the MONAD, or SEED produced by the Karma of the being it
represents, or rather IS. [ Symbolically, SPIRIT may be said to
have 3 facets: wisdom, action, and inertia -- the 3 "Gunas" of
Hindu philosophy. But this triangle (the 3 in 1) is purely
spiritual and cannot be materialized.] (S D I 145-6)

The first pair -- Can we place this pair (S D I 200) on the
plane of the ARCHETYPAL WORLD? This consists of
1. Buddhi as ROOT MATTER, mulaprakriti, accumulated wisdom,
ideation; and
2. the Higher Manas as active Cosmic Intelligence or, will,
thought without qualifications, Vignanomayakosha (S D I
157-8) -- the power to reason, use logic, devise plans, etc...

The Second pair could be placed on the Intellectual or Creative
plane ( S D I 200).
This would consist of
1. Lower Manas or Kama-Manas ( S D I 157) Manomaya kosa, the
embodied mind ; and
2. Kama (desires and passions), principle of cosmic as well as
human energy

The Third pair would be placed on the "Substantial or Formative
World" (S D I 200)
This would consist of
1. Life Essence (Jiva, Prana) a sustaining force that
maintains the balance between creation and destruction as long
as Karma requires the form to experience. And,
2. Linga Sarira, the Astral body, the electro-magnetic
lattice-work of ATOMS on which the physical Molecules and Cells
arrange themselves to provide a physical body on this plane.

The Physical body, when analyzed, is the concrete materialization
of the astral pattern body. the electro-magnetic lattice work
that directs all the molecules and cells of a physical body to
the place where they are needed. Mankind is said to become fully
developed in the 4th Globe in the 4th Round (S D I 159, 200,)

As to the future of Mankind, the S D states: "During the three
Rounds to come, Humanity...will be ever tending to reassume its
primeval form, that of Dhyan Chohanic Host. Man tends to become
a God and then -- GOD, like every other atom in the Universe." (S
D I 159)

We may then say that there are three lines of evolution as seen
in S D I 18: (spiritual, Intellectual, physical). At present
they are almost inextricably intertwined.

We may now understand why Patanjali states that: "the whole
Universe exists for the sake of the Soul's experience."
(Patanjali Book I, pp. 24-5)

We may also see that the MONAD is not only a polarity between
Mulaprakriti), but that there is required a perceptive element
that alone the Manas (Mind, Consciousness) provides, as it stands
always mid-way between ATMA--SPIRIT, and, BUDDHI--WISDOM of
ACCUMULATED EXPERIENCE --- which is infinitely recessive. In
fact it is the MANAS which one has to see as the continuous link
between the embodiment of the "One Consciousness" in various
densities of substance (this creates the "Maya" or Illusion of
form, at all such stages) and the ONE SOURCE -- the ABSOLUTE
(which is ever free of any kind of illusion)

I hope this may be of some help.



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Here are some comments on the pages Daniel requested we look at.
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so I have
not responded to everything. I have broken it up into a number
of posts,
for the comments do not make sense without including the passages
from the
SD and to keep them all together would make the post huge! If I
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