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Re: Theos-World Reg. The US FM were degenerated + HPB as reformer.

Nov 21, 2001 04:50 PM
by Steve Stubbs


I don't know if you knew ths or not, but Hitler is
still alive. Someone spotted him singing bluegrass
tunes at a Dairy Queen in Canada recently. He and
Elvis are working with Osama bin Ladnn to protect the
Jews from the Zionists, who are not Jews at all, but
Jesuits working for the Illuminati who communicate
through the Freemasons. Litle Green Men from an
unidentified flying planet have set up a masonic lodge
on a flying salad tray which is instigating the whole
thing and sending orders using directed gamma rays
which affect man-in-the-moon marigolds. All of this
is documented in a mirofillm buried in an old can
which used to hold chewing tobacco buried beneath the
North Pole. The can is still buried there but the
chewing tobacco has all been chewed up. You can
inspect it if you want, but don't forget your ice pick
and galoshes. And your microfilm reader. The weather
station there has very limited library facilities.

Incidentally, for the benefit of any blondes who read
this, it is a joke.

So where can we find that pesky Brendan French
dissertation now that it has been removed from
angelfire by surly curs devoid of any sense of the
ridiculous? I checked bak at the University of Vienna
web site and didn't find anything there. It must be
aomewhere on the Internet, but all my search engine
turned up was that Brendan French is "a brain medium,"
whatever that is. None of the sites commented on the
statement made on this list that he is "a liar and a
cheat." Now that the dissertation is being scattered
all across the Internet with his name removed from it
I don't know how to find it anymore.

Remember, spiritual seekers: God is The Great Jester
and mirth is the best religion. Taking yourselves too
damn seriously is a venal sin which can only be done
away with by soaking your head in the holy water.


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