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RE: Theos-World Re. to Daniel, Question to Peter.

Nov 21, 2001 05:12 PM
by dalval14

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Dear Brigitte:

Permit me to interject this thought:

The most immediate and practical application that I can think of
in regard to the debate between Peter and Jerry is that in each
one of us lies the same potentials. At root base we are rays of
the same ONE SPIRIT. We are all brothers. We are brothers to
the Atoms, to the grains of sand, to the grass and to the
elephant and the ant. In each of these resides a Monad, and that
contains as one of its components a "Ray" of the UNIVERSAL

This does away with all distinctions, and all concepts of
difference, isolation, superiority, anger, pleasure, retaliation,
difference, selfishness, etc... It unites us all into a living
universal BROTHERHOOD. It requires of us (as humans) the using
of our ability to think about fundamentals and to secure the
ability to penetrate below effects to their causes. For example.
We all use electricity, but we do not know what it is. It can be
generated and channeled, but we still do not know WHAT IT IS. We
all use FIRE, but, what is fire? We note the effect of fire (or
its lack) and we know how to burn things, or insulate them. We
deal with our won minds, but we do n to know what the MIND is.
Nor are we very good at distinguishing a "DESIRE" from a thought.
What, for instance is MOTIVE ?

And that (Universal Brotherhood) is the first "Object" of the
THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT to live our lives and direct our thoughts
and deeds as if we were trying to form a nucleus of Universal
Brotherhood. This sounds vague, perhaps because we have been
educated to think the territorial imperative and an adversarial
approach was the way of life. If so, at the en of life what gain
can we show? Look back into history. Whose memories do we
esteem? The butchers of men, the oppressors and the conquerors,
or those who try to make us see we belong to a single family and
are all brothers and sisters with something far more powerful
than a physical blood-brotherhood and kinship. Are religions and
philosophies built on the sayings of tyrants or of those who
explained and enjoined the practice of benevolence and the search
for truth?

An understanding of the existence of the immortal MONAD in us, as
in all things demonstrates to our mind this concept and
reinforces the sense of tolerance.

Best wishes,



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Peter, "Re. to Daniel"
How do people apply this succesfully in their daily lives ?
What/how are the practical applications of it ?


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