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RE: Papantla piramid in Secrec Doctrine I 322 as Described by von Humboldt

Nov 21, 2001 05:12 PM
by dalval14

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Pyramids and geometry and numbers

Dear friend:

In The SECRET DOCTRINE (Vol. I 322) H P B uses a description
from von Humboldt.

"von Humboldt describes the Pyramid of PAPANTLA. H P B is
copying his text.

There are no directions there as to where to find it.
H P B has been discussing universal symbology, geometry and the
fact that these show when compared that a common system of wisdom
and of recording, is from old times, universal, in its relation
to mathematics.



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From: Mauricio
Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2001 3:35 AM
Subject: Papantla pyramid [ described by von Humboldt] in Secret
Doctrine I 322

In Secret Doctrine, HPB speaks about the pyramid of PAPANTLA in
This pyramid is described in the Ralston Skinner book "The Key To
Hebrew Egyptian Mystery In The Source Of Measures"".
She say that this pyramid of Papantla has 57 feet high, 25 feet
wide and 3
stairs with 318 steps to the top (Hebrew, gnostic number)

I don't know a pyramid in PAPANTLA with such characteristics.
May be in another place.

Please help.

Mauricio Astete

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