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RE: Theos-World bad rap

Nov 15, 2001 05:52 AM
by dalval14

Thursday, November 15, 2001

Dear Mic:

Australia has not been given "a bad rap" in The SECRET DOCTRINE.
I think you need to read what is said there and then perhaps you
may modify your conclusions.

What are the facts: We have in Australia, Tasmania, and other
places, a natural museum, a conservatory designed by Nature --
in Australia -- that shows us (when uninfluenced by the
introduction of new biota), samples that have descended through
thousands of years, of the environment and its biota that was
current millions of years ago, including the physical forms of
the aborigines that descended through that enormous period of

If you would kindly use the Index to the S D, and cull the
references given there you will note that it is one of the most
ancient of lands on the surface of our world that has been
preserved from deluges and engulfment as continents alter and
change. I give a few to be looked up.

Australia, once a part of LEMURIA, with an antiquity of many
millions of years, it stands as a modern example of the type of
biota [S D II 196] which was living at that ancient time -- we
see in its environment, preserved samples of that.[S D II

Physiologically, these remnants, descendents from a tremendous
past are now gradually dying out [ S D II 162, 195-6, 332,
779-80] One must remember that the "forms" are changing and the
spirit-souls using them (as present in the "abos" pass on to
newer races and fresher "forms" as they reincarnate.

Apparently "LEMURIA" was (according to The SECRET DOCTRINE) the
"Third Continent." [ S D II pp. 7 - 8]

In shape it was a vast crescent shaped continent that stretched
from Spitzbergen and Greenland down through the Straits of Dover,
through parts of Africa, Madagascar, and then eastward through
the South Indian Ocean and Ceylon to Malaysia, Indonesia, and
Australia, through the Pacific Ocean to the West coast of South
America, and then it swung North along the coast of north America
(including California), and on up to the Behring Straits and then
curled westward covering parts of Northern Asia. I believe it
ended in what is now Norway.

Geologically there has been some confusion as it has been
partially associated with some of the remnants of the 4th
"continent:" "ATLANTIS" which succeeded it. And the remnants of
the two continents have been confused by the overlays of myth and
traditions, and the fact that they were largely destroyed by
oceanic deluges of enormous extent. Geology has, however, been
able to trace some of the ancient continental patterns and
shapes. The SECRET DOCTRINE gives a survey of these.

In the S D you will find references to it (Lemuria and Australia)
S D, Vol I 439fn; S D Vol. II 7-8, 221, 264, 313-4, 323-4,
326-8, 332-4, 371-2, 405, 679-80, 770, 781, 789; Australian
aboriginals: S D II 168, 318.

In the past 2 or 3 centuries Australia has been settled by
peoples coming in first from Britain and later from all over the
world -- so new physiological races have combined and taken root
there, while the old aboriginals (as "racial" and physical forms)
continue to die out. An example of this dieing out was of the
native Tasmanians. In Ceylon it was of the native and ancient
Veddhas. The Polynesians were decimated as a race by the advent
of European diseases imported by western sailors. So were the
native Australians. And the natives of both Northern and
Southern America are reported to have suffered similar fates --
so now after close contact with Europeans, during the past 400
years or so, we have only a very few descendents of pure blood
aboriginals from all these countries.

If one desires to study the evolution of the races of mankind
then the 2nd Vol. of The SECRET DOCTRINE is well worth a careful

In doing this we must remember at all times that the SPIRIT/SOUL
of every human is an IMMORTAL, It never dies and reincarnates
into appropriate new human bodies when the time comes (under
Karma) to do this [ For details see KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) ]
So, superficially, one reads that the "old [PHYSIOLOGICAL) races
die out." But the immortal SOUL never dies. It takes many
incarnations for the Mind to become WISE.

Best wishes,



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Subject: Australians -- Why given a "bad rap" in The SECRET

The following paragraph came from this source:

THEOSOPHY, Vol. 16, No. 2, December, 1927

(Pages 59-62; Size: 14K) (Number 6 of a 103-part series)

"And the meridian of the south magnetic pole? Touches
only one inhabited land of any importance -- the
extreme east coast of Australia, whose native forms
without exception, from man to the earthworm, are
hopelessly weak, decadent, and moribund."

Theosophy has given Australia a bad rap over the
years. Although some of it might be justified, as my
profession is the study of Australia's biota (and I
believe there are many instances of evolution "winding
down"), most of it is not. If Australia's native forms
are "hopelessly weak, decadent, and moribund", why is
the US being over run by Eucalyptus trees? I have even
heard that kangaroos are becoming a pest in parts of
Europe. All I can say is look out for those menacing
koalas, once let loose you'll never be able to stop them.



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