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RE: Theos-World bad rap

Nov 15, 2001 01:44 PM
by Mic Forster

Dear Dallas, 

I read this paragraph below and I was ready to reply
with complete indignation. Yes Indigenous Tasmanians
have died out and this occurred through the hands of
the European: It was a pure case of genocide. Though I
reserve my anger as I realise that this is "nature's"
way. New forms are continually arising and who are we
to say how the old forms should pass on. Yes genocide
is an absolute disgrace but perhaps it is the purpose
of the truly evolved to "humanely" discard the old
races. When you walk across this land you can really
feel that ancient aspect to it. Right now I am looking
at some shale that geologists say formed way back in
the Permian. Though new forms continue to arise and it
is these that I believe have been given the bad rap.
These forms, I believe, are just as evolved as
anything coming from Eurasia or the Americas.
Kangaroos, for instance, only appeared in the fossil
record a mere 6 million years ago whereas rodents have
been around for tens of million of years. Perhaps this
is why kangaroos are starting to establish themselves


Dallas wrote:
"In the past 2 or 3 centuries Australia has been
settled by
peoples coming in first from Britain and later from
all over the
world -- so new physiological races have combined and
taken root
there, while the old aboriginals (as "racial" and
physical forms)
continue to die out. An example of this dieing out
was of the
native Tasmanians."

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