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RE: Theos-World bad rap

Nov 15, 2001 05:07 PM
by dalval14

Dear Mic:

Outside my door are the "Chalk Hills" of Calabasas and West San
Fernando Valley (in California -- North West of Los Angeles and
within 15 miles of Malibu) .

Within a mile we have great ancient deposits of petrified animal
bones dating the early ages of the dinosaurs.

A few hundred meters further West we have vast beds of shales and
schists, there micro fossils are to be had by the million.

These Mountains are of sandstone and petrified clays and mud --
all made of Ocean deposits of untold antiquity.

Here and there these are shattered by great uprisings of Lava as
the great tectonic plates shove and jostle the thin surface of
the Earth's crust, just within 30 miles to the West of the
ancient San Andreas fault.

I am surrounded by the same antiquity you have -- but it has not
been isolated as Australia has been.

The history of this land was that Indian (?) tribes had settled
and when the Spanish conquistadors came through, some 350 years
ago, they established Missions manned by Dominican monks, and
other Catholic denominations, and enslaved the natives. The
population was reduced from hundreds of thousands to less than

But as you rightly observe, theosophy holds that all immortal
souls emigrate to fresh bodies in the course of evolution here as
well as in Australia or England. Individual Karma drives and
sets limits to these movements.

The land changes, and no doubt the mineral and vegetable "atoms"
and "molecules" also migrate, following great currents in and on
and under the Earth's crust.

There is no need for indignation, but there is need for
understanding all the great processes of the Earth, of nature and
the Universe.

Nothing ever DIES or is WASTED. Every least, as well as the
greatest of Beings, is alive and progressing. The great scheme
of Evolution has no dark cupboards, or corners; or ancient rugs
under which the dust of ages can be hidden. Within the material
aspect of "forms" will always be found the living and driving
purpose of the ever-evolving Spirit of Man. It is for us to
recognize this and seize and go forward, always, forward.

There are no superiors or inferiors in these processes, and all
have appropriate opportunities to live and learn as life follows

Does this sound more appropriate?

Best wishes,



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Subject: RE: The bad rap given to Australia

Dear Dallas,

I read this paragraph below and I was ready to reply
with complete indignation. Yes Indigenous Tasmanians
have died out and this occurred through the hands of
the European: It was a pure case of genocide. Though I
reserve my anger as I realise that this is "nature's"
way. New forms are continually arising and who are we
to say how the old forms should pass on. Yes genocide
is an absolute disgrace but perhaps it is the purpose
of the truly evolved to "humanely" discard the old
races. When you walk across this land you can really
feel that ancient aspect to it. Right now I am looking
at some shale that geologists say formed way back in
the Permian. Though new forms continue to arise and it
is these that I believe have been given the bad rap.
These forms, I believe, are just as evolved as
anything coming from Eurasia or the Americas.
Kangaroos, for instance, only appeared in the fossil
record a mere 6 million years ago whereas rodents have
been around for tens of million of years. Perhaps this
is why kangaroos are starting to establish themselves


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