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Re: Theos-World Hartmann on the Mahatma Letters

Nov 12, 2001 04:39 PM
by Dennis Kier

Hartmann later republished "The Talking Image of Urur" as a book, and
in the preface of the book, he claimed that the editors of Lucifer
deleted the entire last chapter and conclusion of the book. He was
quite put out by it.

The book is available at Kessinger Publishing, who
reprint old out of copywrite books.

It is written as a fiction story, and in the preface, he mentions that
he fashioned the various characters in the story after individuals in
the Theosophical Society, and invited readers to speculate upon who
these might be.

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> For more on "Hartmann on the Mahatma Letters" one should read
> Hartman's "The Talking Image of Urur", published in Lucifer by HPB.
> I am shure that Daniel Caldwell will be able to place this on a link
> for the listmember readerschip to read, and so it can be discussed.
> Brigitte

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