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Re to Leon

Nov 12, 2001 04:20 PM
by Jerry S

<<<You've got it backwards. There's no "exoteric" teachings of Buddh(a)ism
in Sinnet's work. Blavatsky meant that he should have entitled it "Esoteric
Budhi(wisdom)ism" -- which has no relationship to the exoteric (outward)
teachings and practices of Buddh(a)ism such as vajrayana, tantra, mudras,
mandalas, and the four noble truths as taught exoterically to disciples of
Gautama the Buddha in order to attain personal enlightenment. >>>

Leon, there are so many errors in the above to make it very difficult me to
respond. Let me just say that I am well aware of Blavatsky writings.
However, there is simply no such a word as "budhism" with one d. Its not in
my Sanskrit dictionary, nor is it found in any of my numerous Eastern books,
and to date I have found that word ONLY in Blavatsky. The word budha (with
one d) means "intelligent, clever, wise" and the word buddhi means
"intelligence, reason, intellect, mind." But there is no budhi, nor does
such a word mean wisdom (which in Sanskrit is jnana). The fact that Sinnet's
book has no relation to Buddhism is pretty obvious to any Buddhist.

Jerry S.

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